Same issue, different post.

Men, especially white heterosexual men, have been attacked consistently for the better part of a decade for rampant sexism, racism and homophobia. They get blamed for everything because they have the longest track record. But that’s not all men and even the normal (aka not sexist/racist/homophobic ones) men are getting defensive. No one likes to be attacked all the time.

The problem is the rest of us were on the receiving end for hundreds of years. There are generations of the oppressed and being able to make men pay can feel liberating is nearly therapeutic. I catch myself frequently thinking “You don’t like it? Welcome to our world” but I still don’t think it’s okay. It’s wrong. It’s 100% wrong. Even when it feels like everyone, even when it is actually a lot of individuals, everyone is simply that, and individual.

Yes, laws have to be put in place to guarantee that our HUMAN rights aren’t violated, even when there is a decent chance it will happen on some level from time to time anyway. At least we can now demand justice and probably get it so long as they aren’t connected and/or are from money. We have these laws because we were wrongfully deprived of them in the first place.

So what is the answer? Stop treating all men, particularly white heterosexual men, as Hitlers in training. Don’t make them feel like victims or they’ll stop fighting for us. They’ll see as hypocrites and honestly, some of us already are. Don’t assume the average man will victimize you just because. Any non-sexist/racist/homophobic person should be treated as an ally until they prove otherwise. They’re individuals, just like you.

Things are still bad, but at the same time I think there are more “allies” than before, for all of us. Most men I know aren’t these horrible things, but some are.

Some men feel like they can’t say whatever they want anymore and that that’s the problem, they don’t understand how it’s effected generation by generation to this day. In some ways we still wear the yoke. On the other hand that’s not the case with men as a whole. They may feel defensive, but it’s in no way near the same as what so many groups, particularly women, African and Native Americans have gone through and continue to go through.

Recognize that you can sympathize but not fully understand. Recognize that you’re a -good- straight, white man’s ally as he is your ally too. Allied countries support each other during conflicts, so why should we be different on such a fundamentally human level? They want to see the same changes. They are as offended and horrified with us. In some cases, perhaps even more so because they know it comes from the group they just so happened to be born into.

Oh the randomness of birth…

On the subject of women, as I cannot speak for any other group here, I will say that to women being sexually harassed in ANY fashion is just as offensive and scary as when someone drops the n-word. It’s threatening and isolates us from you. Saying something really demeaning then claiming you were kidding isn’t a joke nor a justification, it’s a cover up because it got a negative response. If it has gotten a positive one you wouldn’t say you were kidding. If I wanted to screw you after you said “nice jugs” you wouldn’t be kidding then, you’d wanna get laid.

If we didn’t have the right to fight back we would be the same as it has always been in this country and we are now slowly tearing ourselves free from that scary, dark place. We don’t always have to live in a world where when we say no, they say too bad. Some lucky ones don’t have to live that way at all.

One needs to realize what is offensive and what will never be a joke to us. You don’t drop the n-word to a black person (or at all) and you don’t harass women because you want their attention, and you don’t call people fags as a joke. It’s honestly that simple. Instead of wondering what’s gonna piss us off next use your brains and figure it out. Many men already have because they aren’t idiot monsters. What’s your excuse?

So the summary: Don’t attack groups because your group has a history of being attacked. Tit-for-tat isn’t allowed but a nationwide mistrust is to be expected. Black people have a reason to be suspicious of whitey. Women have a reason to be suspicious of men. Homosexuals have a right to be distrustful of a culture that has consistently attacked and degraded them. The lack of power we’ve all had. We all have our valid reasons….but only one thing matters in the end…individuality. (Not speaking in terms of politics and opportunities really, more on a social person-to-person level)

If you cant give them that one little-big thing then you’re absolutely, positively as bad as the individuals keeping us down. Keep your mouth shut. You’re making it worse.


Don’t respond to hate with hate. Tit-for-tat is detrimental to America’s social “health” and should not be tolerated.

Don’t fight racism with racism.
Don’t fight sexism with sexism.
Don’t generalize. Don’t expect every person to fit your hate-retaliation mold. If you react to an entire race or gender negatively you are exactly no better than the INDIVIDUALS that make you work extra hard for equality. Many people from those groups you so easily stereotype out of anger, hurt and/or revenge want to see the same changes you do. Give those INDIVIDUALS a chance to stand by your side, hold your hand in support and say “no” to those that want to keep you/us down. Be the change you wish to see in the world or you’ll repeat what you’re fighting against. Or hate and go tit-for-tat. That will ensure no minds are changed and that the next generation will be full of hate. It’s your choice. For once.

I got called a whore and other personal attacks today and yesterday because of a World of Warcraft shirt. (Horde icon)


Because of wearing this shirt men on a WoW Facebook fan page have called me the following:
•Attention whore
•Looks like a man

Over a t-shirt.
Because I’m Horde.
It’s fictional.

I’m honestly unsettled by some of the immediate aggressive comments and I wonder how they treat people in their personal lives, or if they use the monitor anonymity to act out their anger. It has nothing to do with me, so it doesn’t bother me on a personal level…just on a social level. I’m far from the only woman that has had these comments. I won’t be the last.

Notice that when a girl does this more guys jump her shit than girls? Notice that gamer girls are frequently “punished” by expressing themselves as fans?

Honestly, I would have expected it to be the other way around, considering how competitive women can be with each other. Instead they’ve been the most supportive. A lot of guys post their WoW shirts and other fan stuff all the time on this page and no one fucks with them, or at least not as many. I hadn’t planned on turning this fan photo into a feminist issue, but I’ve definitely noticed the difference.

A few weeks ago (on this page) a girl took a selfie of herself in a horde work-out shirt and she was at the gym flexing and guys were calling her a whore. She looked incredible.

On this one post, where you can see nothing of my face or the rest of my body, presumably Alliance players have attacked me on a personal level, and flippantly added in sexism to boot. All without ever speaking to me before. I’ve noticed that sexists say the same thing regarding feminist issues. That we look like men. That we’re stupid. That we’re whores. They said the same thing during women’s suffrage. They said the same thing during the 60s. They say it now. It’s a sexist person’s “go to.”

Over all the Facebook group is awesome and I wouldn’t want to leave it over a few bad eggs.


For the Horde!

9/11 from HI

I think HI kids/adults have a different experience of 9/11 than other states because we were the state that was literally furthest away from the attack and so many people were still sleeping. I don’t think a lot of people knew until they got to school or work if they hadn’t switched on the TV or radio before going wherever.
I think because of distance a lot of people were far removed from anything mainland outside of tourism and American living. Unless the individuals traveled or generally cared about the rest of the country (be honest with me, we both know many don’t because of history) it wasn’t much more than a “Oh man, that’s so awful” like when we see one on the news today. We know it’s horrible, but it’s so far away. Every state got impacted by it, regardless of history.
I remember when it happened. I used to get up at 5:50AM for school (mom was a teacher so we had to get up early) and that day she woke me up at 5:00 AM (and I was super annoyed) but that emotion drained out of me when she said “There was a terrorist attack. The twin towers were bombed”
At 14 I had never heard the term “terrorist attack” and the twin towers were more of an urban fixture to me and I think it was that way to many kids who didn’t live in NYC. It was something cool looking like the Empire State Building or any other famous sky scraper we’ve seen a thousand times in movies and pictures.
So I push myself out of bed and heavily walked to my mother’s room. I walked in right as the second plane smashed into a tower. For a split second my adolescent mind tried to deny what I had seen, perhaps a commercial for a new action movie? I already knew it wasn’t walking in. Isn’t denial funny?
So we sat there for minutes watching the same footage over and over. Hearing the screams…not the canned Hollywood screams…but actual terror, terror that can’t be faked. I don’t care how many movies I’ve seen with emotional screaming that were cringe worthy to watch. It’s nothing like the shock, anger and absolutely horror in the screams of people who watched it in person (as in, in NYC) it’s this high bitched shriek from both men and women. A sound of pain, anger, shock and exasperation. An actor can’t fake that.
Then my mom had to go to work, obviously we weren’t in danger but she still wanted me with her. If you remember I went to school in Kailua. Kalaheo. My mom worked at Kailua Intermediate. There were a ton of base kids that went to my school, and seeing their reactions were both disturbing and heart breaking.
These were military kids, they grew up knowing what sort of instances send their parent to war. This was one of them.
At the school there were girls wailing with the fear that their dads or moms might be shipped away to some place where they could be killed and boys simmering with barely banked rage. I think they wanted to fight. ANYONE. Drain the fear away for awhile, maybe?
In particular I remember one of my mom’s students, and to this day she sticks out in my mind as one of the distraught base kids. She always wore super heavy make up and tons of glitter. When I saw her it was like a chaos of black, red and glitter smeared all over her face from her tears and wiping away at said tears. She had to be held by a teacher to stop shaking.
I remember being super enraged at some local kids because they were acting like it was no big deal. That it happened there, so it had no relevance in HI. Who cares about 3,000 offlanders anyway?
These same callous kids went from saying “I’m not American, I identify as Hawaiian” or some variant, to saying “I’M AMERICAN AND I’M A VICTIM” within a few days. It didn’t take long for them to realize they’re both and they’ll be effected regardless. I felt like at that point they didn’t get to pick since they hated America so much anyway, but I was a kid then. I didn’t understand the complexities.
In every classroom there was a TV playing the same footage over and over and in my mom’s classroom one local student sarcastically said that he “liked watching the plane crash into the buildings over and over” because he was annoyed at seeing the same thing all day. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was so harsh and scathing the kid was afraid to say anything for the rest of class. I was only a grade older than him and he had no reason to give a shit about what a haole kid said. “Good. That monster” I thought. I still feel rage when I think of that kid. He was only a kid, but only a selfish idiot wouldn’t realize how awful it was. The fact that he was only thinking about himself during all this made him a monster to me. Still does. This kid probably grew up to be a selfish monster.
Some local kids (when I say “local” I mean people born there, not racial) didn’t even realize it had happened when they got to school because no one was watching TV before they went to school. I remember hearing one kid chiding his friend saying “He was probably at home watching Scooby Doo” This is likely not the case with the vast majority of base children, whose parents would have known seconds after everything kicked into gear. I bet every military personal did within minutes across the country, and the world.
A lot of people were worried that Pearl Harbor would be next. Even then I thought it was stupid. It didn’t hold the value it once did. It’s still important, but we weren’t in a massive world war either. Sure, it was still an active base (though most people only think of the tourist memorial) but it wasn’t the last strategic stop between the US and Japan during a huge war. That was over and we were allies now. At leas that was my 14 year old logic about the situation.
Then I heard a few women (teachers) say it was because people were Christian. I pointed out there were more than Christians likely killed and they dismissed me. Everyone had their own theory and in my opinion most were wrong. They were, but I didn’t have any better ideas, I was 14, I wasn’t there. I just remember that no knew anything but everyone thought they knew. I bet it was like that across the country. Hated white people, hated Christians, hated our affluence, hated everything. I heard the same stories over and over, depending on who was the most scared if it applied to them. There are a lot of white Christians in this country.

“Caucasian Americans aren’t allowed to be proud of their European ancestry” Bull. Fucking. Shit.

It really pisses me off when some Europeans act like Caucasian Americans aren’t allowed to be proud of their ancestry. As if our heritage only starts when we become American. That before that we had no strong genetic ties to anywhere else in the world. They’re wrong. They don’t get to decide that. If they misunderstand how we feel about our heritage then it’s on them, not us. They can get as hipster and imperious as they like. They already have. I’m Irish-American and no one can/will EVER take that from me. So póg mo thóin!

American Fury Addiction?

All I can conclude is that fury is a large part of American culture. We like to incite ourselves. Americans likes to be mad. Those that don’t sometimes get killed by those that do. (Think of the people that promoted social equality…MLK, JFK, RFK…assassinated)

Any excuse, any topic and their self righteous anger comes out. It’s a major flaw with us. We look for racism, sexism and LGBT-phobia because there is still much of it to fight, but we also force it into places where it potentially isn’t and become just as hateful against the oppressors…even those that aren’t but just so happen to have the same color/gender/sexuality as the oppressors. That’s wrong.

Hating anyone based on something they’re born with is inherently wrong. To think of any of those things as weak or flawed is wrong.
Those of us that find ourselves in a minority of some fashion are actually very strong. Hatred made us that way. However, perpetuating hatred ourselves makes us weak, even just as pathetic as the hate mongers that are actually out there. Look for allies, not only enemies.

This BS creates more of the same hatred instead of neutralizing it. And more. And more. It’s a cancer we’re not cutting out. There are many racial/gender/LGBT issues to combat, but it’s not everywhere.

There are enlightened Caucasians, men, and heterosexuals out there as well and they aren’t in any small amount. I know more non-racist/sexist/LGBT-phobic people than people against them. Let’s all come together and squash it.

We need to stop trying to make people into something they may not be just because “paranoid victims” jump at shadows. There are plenty of real social issues to fight in this country without exacerbating them and creating more. There is an old adage that says hate begets more hate. And it’s true.

Just love and support each other. Try to understand. Want to learn. Work towards a common goal. It is only then that we’ll lose our self righteous anger problem. Unfortunately, you have to fight to obtain peace…but you don’t have to be verbally or physically violent to achieve it. Be an honorable presence in your community.

Victory for women, and the human race.

Love her or hate her no one can deny (thought they’ll try) how much she’s done for women, even if many of us don’t know it yet. If she does become president I’ll be very proud as a woman and will look forward to seeing the last bastions of Stone Age sexism crumble into dust.

I am not blinded by my eagerness to finally see a woman president though, a minority president doesn’t mean she’ll be a good president, but I’m willing to listen and to watch. I’m NOT willing to give Trump the benefit of a doubt, I WILL give it to her though. That’s because she has some aspects of her to respect and admire. If anything, it will be proof that we can do it too. It will take down that wall. It will be a social victory.

People probably didn’t see this because too many men still feel threatened by feminism. It’s not only disdainfully pathetic, but it’s also tragic that they’ve blinded themselves. Normal men would feel happy about how far we’ve come. How we’ve done this ourselves.

No evolved, self respecting male would feel threatened by the feminist movement unless he himself were also a vile sexist. Easier to fuck us and then put us in the place they say is ours, right? There are sexists and there are normal people. There are male allies (normal people) and monsters (sexists)