Homosexual Leaders


I have a question for you all and I would very much like your opinion on this.

As we now know there has been quite a few kings who’ve been gay and most of them have been forced to hide it, while others were open about it. Here are is a short list of just a few of England’s gay kings and queens. Some were openly gay and some were allegedly gay.

  • King William Rufus (1087 – 1110)
  • Richard The Lionheart (1189-1199) (Alleged)
  • Edward II (1307-27)
  • James I (1603 – 1625)
  • Anne (1702 – 1714)

Do you think that world leaders (at least in the Western world) could be open about being gay? Should they be? Would it impact their relations with their people and abroad?

My personal feelings on this is that they should be openly gay. There should be a first gentleman or lady. There is nothing shameful about it and it’s natural and people need to learn that and leave it alone. Since not every country is on board with homosexuality I can see how it would impact relations with certain countries and that’s really not fair and it would be a whole new battlefield for homosexuals to overcome but I believe they could do it. The human race could do it. People seem to find it easier to persecute than to love. It’s the desire for persecution than I’ll never understand. It’s so groundless. It’s like persecuting someone because they have blue eyes.



8 thoughts on “Homosexual Leaders

  1. LoveIn102 says:

    I think as time goes by more people will grow accustomed to this idea. I totally agree with it, but many others still don’t. Hardcore Christianity is slowly losing its footing in America, so I think more and more people will learn to accept it and appreciate it.

    • The sooner people get tolerant the better. A lot of Christians have what I call “misguided morals”.
      They think they are protecting their children but they’re only creating bigots. They think they are doing God’s will when in reality they’re probably shaming him. They think they’re protecting the “sanctity of marriage” when in reality they’re ignoring the fact that marriage hasn’t been that sacred in a loooong time.

      It’s shitty, but like women and racial minorities they have to over come all the slings and arrows in order to be treated like everyone else.

      The other day I wondering how awkward it might be to be a white heterosexual male. People basically blame them for everything now. It would be frustrating. I know I get frustrated when people go on a “white people suck” trip.

  2. Denton Perry says:

    We have openly gay and transgender members of parliament here in NZ – Not an issue!

    • Oh I’m so jealous. America may be advanced in many ways but so many of us are hung up on things like race, gender and sexual orientation. Granted, there are many who don’t care about those things but it’s those other people that make the jobs of these officials harder. Who was the transgender member of parliament?

  3. Wow, and a prostitute. She wins the world for “firsts”! Very accomplished. How is she received politically? Respected? Controversial?

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