Woe to you

I think it’s very easy to get a group of people to rebel against the people who govern them. All you have to do is start infringing on what is natural and forbid it. Once religion and politicians start telling what people can and cannot do on simple but significant matters is the minute we’ll group and rebel. Woe to you who deny a group of people to vote, to hold certain jobs, to have control of their bodies. Woe to you who are ignorant enough to use religion to control the masses in an age when the majority of the population in this country are educated. Woe to any family, political branch or corporation who regard the common man as chaff.


5 thoughts on “Woe to you

  1. Denton Perry says:

    Woe indeed!

    • What’s going on in Turkey got me thinking about it. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it…sounds like the Prime Minister did some good things for the economy and made it one of the most visited places on the planet but at the same time he infringes upon rights and what’s more it’s on things that humans do naturally and are important to them. It started out as a peaceful protest but they were pushed and it bubbled over. I can’t say I approve or disapprove…it’s very complicated. I also think 10 years is too long a of time for someone to be in office.

      • Denton Perry says:

        That’s funny – I was going to add to my comment “and don’t dare build a shopping mall on my park!”

  2. Yeah, apparently the pushing point was when they started to cut some trees in a park that traditionally has been a gathering place for peaceful protests. They were ripping it up to add some barracks and a mosque apparently. Sends a pretty loud message to the people protesting, but of course the Turkish government claims that was coincidental.

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