Everyone should start off being respected

I can’t stand it when people think they are some king that deserves to be paid homage. I think everyone starts out deserving the same base respect; after all it’s how you’d like to be treated.

People who think every person needs to earn it and has the right to be a dick until you bend over backwards for them clearly think too highly of themselves and in reality probably receives little respect from the people he knows. A snobby attitude is usually a sort of “glamour” to mask their crippling self esteem issues.

Saying that a new person in their lives need to earn their respect seems a little backwards to me. People should start off with respect until they prove otherwise. Everyone deserves to be respected until they prove they don’t deserve it.

That all seems pretty straight forward to me. “Hey, you’re a person I don’t know well so I’ll treat you like I’d like to be treated until you prove you’re a cunt and then you’re outta here!”

Yet, I’ve met tons of people who say “No one deserves respect. You have to earn it” and proceed to treat new comers as a dick. I don’t believe that. I believe to lose it you have to “earn it”

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