My naive dream for unification.

Sometimes I wish people would remember that we’re all just human instead of focusing on our differences and fighting over it. It’s a naive dream, I know.

If only for a little while I’d like to see people forget that they were [race] from this [country] and we’re this [sex] and believed in [religion] and work together. I’m not trying to say that culture and all that isn’t important, because it is, but I believe that uniting is more important. Now I don’t think this is anything that could be achieved in our life time, and people will always hate and people will always want to believe they belong to the best group or believe in the true religion or whatever…but they don’t. No one does. We’re all equal because we’re all human. You can’t undo history, nor should we forget it, but we should move on from who hurt us or oppressed us because today is a new day. History can make you wiser but it can also drag you down if you forget to remember there is a future too. It’s important to treat each person on an individual basis and then avoid some people because they’re an asshole or whatever.

I know this isn’t realistic because some people have practiced hating each other for generations and it’s hard to undo so much hate. It takes a strong person to say “I’m going to hug the person that knocked my teeth out” (Kind of sounds like Jesus, lol) This is sort of silly, but if aliens came to earth and attacked do you think they’d really care about our various factions? We’re all equally zappable.

I’ve actually be told that I’m racist for thinking this or lol…”color blind” racist because by wishing everyone could work together they think I’d deny people their right of culture and heritage…but wtf? When did I say that? I guess part of human nature is to look for a fight where there isn’t one. Perhaps it’s that nature that makes all the trouble in the first place. I just want people to understand that harmony is more important than what we belong to or believe in. Or at least, it aught to be. I just want people to treat people on a person-to-person basis instead of grouping people into little boxes and then kicking the boxes if they don’t like the color or the symbolism associated with the box.

We’re all human. It’s time we act like it.


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