Need WordPress help.

Okay, so following blogs here floods my e-mail and it’s really irritating. Is there a way to turn off getting e-mail notifications? I only want them if someone replies to my blog or comment. If so please give me instructions. Thanks. =)

5 thoughts on “Need WordPress help.

  1. LoveIn102 says:

    I’m checking! I know there’s a way to turn it off. I’ll get back to you.

  2. LoveIn102 says:

    on your reader page, go up to your picture on the right, click it, click settings, click subscriptions delivery, and then it should give you the option to change it from there.

  3. autumnstrength says:

    I hadn’t checked my email for a few days before reading this – I have 143 emails! I want to know this too!

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