Sexist Samsung Commercial (Xanga transfer) 05/23/13

So there has been a bit of a buzz about the sexist Samsung commercial. Basically it’s about turning a dud-beat husband into a “smart” husband that helps with the house and all that. Becoming more a “perfect man”. A lot of men are outraged by this ad and call it sexist…but is it? Personally, I don’t think it’s that sexist…it’s about one guy. One guy that is slothful. I mean, it’s a stereotype of sorts…it’s no secret that this is one of the top things that wives complain about. I can see how some people have taken it that way…but at the same time I have a hard time being sympathetic. I mean…since advertisement has begun so much of it has been shaped around over-sexualizing women or demeaning them. Before the boys decide they can’t take a joke in stride look at all these:













It happens to us constantly. Sucks, doesn’t it? You want to know why women have so many insecurity issues? This is partially to blame. It’s only in the last 100 years that American women are “finding” themselves. Many people have said the complaining men need to “stop being a vagina”…and I kind of agree…even though that doesn’t really make sense. Vaginas are way tougher than penis/balls. It can survive the passing of multiple persons…if guys sit down the wrong way…ouchies.

People are way too sensitive these days and…as I’ve read over and over again…only certain groups are allowed to be offended. This is basically every group except for heterosexual white males. That in itself is sexist/racist/whatever. As they say, two wrongs don’t make a right. Even if it feels like a sort of “vindication” for the previously or currently down-trodden that doesn’t solve the problem. It perpetuates more hate. Sexism or racism towards any group isn’t okay.

That said, people can’t take a joke anymore. Things are only funny if it happens to someone else. Racism is something everyone can laugh at unless your the group it’s targeted at. Macho jokes are fun unless someone makes a dumb blonde joke. Personally, I laugh at Irish, ginger and American jokes. I even make jokes about my epilepsy. I’ll admit I find it a bit harder to laugh at women jokes but I can almost always find the humor in it. I mean, I won’t always be a good sport about certain things, we all have things we’re sensitive about. Over all though my belief on the subject is that only people who are insecure with what they are will be offended. 

So yeah, I’m torn between saying suck it up and thinking it’s wrong.

So what do you all think?

Sexist or not?

Is it okay?


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