‘The Red Wedding’ episode of Game of Thrones

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Y’all upset about the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones? Well, that episode was a lot different from the book. Let me tell you how:

*stop reading if you don’t want….some sort of spoiler*

Rob’s queen was never there and was never pregnant. He left her behind because he thought it would have been an insult to Frey. She wasn’t pregnant because her mother kept slipping her a baby-be-gone concoction to keep her from getting pregnant. They added her to up the grief factor and the horror of it all. They also neglected to mention that they cut off Rob’s head and his dire wolf’s and sewed its head on Rob’s body. Might be too gruesome for HBO. Jeyne Westerling also wasn’t from Volantis. She was from the Westerlands which is located (duh) on Westeros. 

• Caitlin didn’t kill Frey’s wife. She actually killed Walder’s slow son. Clearly, many viewers would have had an issue with her murdering someone who was mentally disabled. It was meant to be a son-for-a-son type deal. Either way you want to spin it, Frey didn’t care. Also, keep in mind that in Caitlin’s mind she’s lost all of her children except Sansa (who appears to be good as dead) and her husband. Her father has recently died as well and for the record, she got there in time and got to care for him for some time and saw him waste away and dealt with his delirium and dementia. If you think about it, she’s an incredibly strong character. It’s enough to turn any person crazy. She’s been pushed until she literally has nothing left and so she does this last thing in revenge. Her last feeling in this world was the greatest anguish a person could feel.

Arya didn’t make it in time. She never saw the dire wolf killed. In the -actual- Red Wedding it would have been unlikely, even for the Hound, to just stroll out of there. He’s bad ass but not that bad ass.

Daario is incorrectly portrayed. In the books he has a three pronged beard that he frequently dyes different colors and has a gold tooth. This type of person won’t exactly make the girls swoon. The actor doesn’t make me swoon anyway. He reminds me of the porno guy from that LOTR episode of South Park.

• When Jon cut and ran (and he was in a considerably larger force) Ygritte didn’t try and save him and as he rode away she shot him in the leg. It causes him to limp throughout the rest of the books. The scars from the eagle’s claws stay too. He’s no longer the “pretty boy”. The red head guy died while trying to climb the wall. Also, the warg didn’t die that soon.

Missandei isn’t an adult. She’s like 12 and she is incredibly smart. Because Dany (supposedly) cannot get pregnant again she views Missandei as a daughter like figure and mothers her. HBO just needed another hot chick. You know, because 1,000 isn’t enough.

They combined two characters to make Gendry. There is the actual Gendry, but there is also a Edric Storm who is another of Robert’s bastards. He’s around the age of 14. Melesandre wanted to burn him for her God and Stannis was going to let her. Gendry’s story later on will probably reflect Edric’s. They probably just liked the actor playing him so they kept him. Because of his age Melesandre clearly never did all that hanky panky stuff with him. That’s just HBO taking advantage of two sexy people.

There is a bunch of other minor stuff too, but this is quite long enough.

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