Finding out who your real friends are

It’s one of those sad days when you realize that you’ve lost friends because of something stupid or because of something they weren’t even involved in.

I lost two so called friends.


The first one turned one of my facebook posts into a political fight when I (repost) about why we’re dumb enough to elect movie stars. She turned it into a modern Obama thing and sent me a link that didn’t really poke any holes in my argument, got her husband to agree with her and then blocked me. She did all of this on her own. It wasn’t about Obama. It wasn’t about anything deeper than some of the disasters that actor-governors/presidents have caused. Instead it went off topic to create a blue vs red bullshit. Her, I can deal with blocking me on facebook because the whole thing is retarded.


Seven years ago I was subjected to a…truma…by an ex-boyfriend. The whole thing was very messy and scary. We had a mutual friend and he kept out of it, which was smart. He continued being both of our friends. Then I went forward and told the police what my ex did to me. He’s now magically blocked me on facebook so it appears he never believed me about what happened.

The last one hurts a bit more. We were actual friends. We’ve been there during the ups and downs and in the end he believes that scum bag who somecrazyhow convinced him I’m a psychotic liar. You know, I may be  many things but a liar isn’t one of them. I’m compulsively honest. Thinking I’m a liar is pretty insulting. Might as well call the moon the sun and night day.

I’m pretty bummed out about the whole thing though.


8 thoughts on “Finding out who your real friends are

  1. Denton Perry says:

    Bummer! The thing is that life is like that and you will constantly find out about shit that went on behind your back. remember – Walk softly and carry a big stick!

    • It’s unfortunate and I’ll probably be pissed off about it for a little while. Teddy Roosevelt offers some good advice lol. Shame that hitting people with said stick is considered assault.

  2. mishie1 says:

    I hate moments like this, especially when it is someone that you have faith in to be there for you, because you know you would be there for them…I’ve had a few myself. Sorry :/

    • I think they were more embarrassed because they tried to compare health care and an expensive campaign to high treason, funding the Taliban which possibly unwittingly aided (arguably) in 9/11, lowering the taxes for the rich and raising them for the poor. I wouldn’t have judged them from it but angry embarrassment is hard to overcome. At least that’s what I took from it.

  3. Sadly, we all have been there. Sometimes your convictions are stronger than friendship. Keep your head up and your true friends close.

    • Yeah, it sucks. I’m starting to get over it already. What bothers me the most is the “liar” thing. Anyone who knows me well knows I have what I call “truthful Tourettes.” Lying doesn’t come naturally to me. When I’m put on the spot to where a lie would be useful I can’t think of anything so I just tell the truth. I don’t see why they would think that. I mean, do most people lie so frequently that it’s a valid stab in the dark?

  4. LoveIn102 says:

    I’m sorry you had to lose friends this way. there’s no reason to turn everything into an argument or a debate, especially over stuff that neither of you can change. as for the second situation, well that’s just downright rude and pathetic. maybe he believed you but didn’t think you should have pressed charges. maybe he was in denial and couldn’t come to terms with being friends with someone who could have done such a thing, so instead of manning up and facing the truth he just wants to pretend like it never existed. it’s hard to come between two friends of the same sex.

    • Wtf, I just realized I can edit your reply…how fucked up is that? I dislike that.

      Anyway, yeah, you’re right or he just never believed me. They grew up together so I suppose I never had a chance. I sent him a text today asking him why he blocked me, not that I expected a reply, nor did I receive one. So far my sentiment is that most of my friends have conveniently forgotten me or believe I’m too embarrassing.

      They got pissed off over this :

      (spaced out the wall of text for reading convenience)

      Chick Locke I’d take 100 Reagan’s to 1 Obama.
      Thursday at 8:10am via mobile · Like

      Zoë Donnelly That’s your choice to make but I’d take 100 Obamas before I took another Reagan.
      Thursday at 6:48pm · Edited · Like

      Zoë Donnelly Not everyone is going to like the president. If the president is republican the demos usually hate them and think they’re the anti-Christ and make documentaries about how evil they are. When a democrat gets elected republicans hate them and try to make petitions to succeed from the US all the while claiming patriotism. Both sides are retarded as shit.
      Thursday at 9:11am · Like

      Chick Not to mention the Obama’s are more obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity than any “actor” turned politician. They are best buds with jay z and beyonce! She was on the oscars! Gimme a break.
      Thursday at 9:15am via mobile · Like

      Zoë Donnelly Ugh, why doesn’t facebook let you separate paragraphs? Sorry for the wall of text. I didn’t think they were friends after Jay Z blasted him after his trip to Cuba because he incorrectly thought Obama criticized him. It was someone else in the white house. Jay Z went all stupid and flew off the handle before he had his facts straight. I hope he never runs for anything. I agree with you on that point though, I don’t think the president should be seen hob-knobbing with celebrities. Especially since these celebrities wouldn’t give a damn about him or his family if he wasn’t president. I’ll also concede that he’s definitely more media friendly than past presidents. Of course he is, the media wants to be all over the first black president and thoroughly document everything about him and his family. He’s also younger than most of our past presidents. He was 47. Only JFK was younger at 41. The oldest was Reagan at 69. I think that’s a bit too old to run for president. Of course that’s not a reason to hate them. I mean, I get you don’t support Obama in general. A lot of people don’t like him but a lot of people do as well.

      This isn’t about Obama though.

      This is about actors assuming they have the political skills to enter politics when having virtually no history of doing so. A lot of people stupidly voted for them without really understanding their proposals or their background.

      Take California, Arnold was elected only because he was the terminator. Most guys love him. He was an action star. In the end he hurt California and left it in worse shape than it was before:

      He was way to into supporting corporations and took their advice and their proposals (of course) benefited them financially. Often more so than Californians. Often? Always.

      He was super right wing, which in itself, probably isn’t that bad but our state is blue so in general our people are bound to have issues with ‘da governator’. A red governor is bound to have goals that are counter to Californian culture.

      He cut $9.6 BILLION from education. My mother lost her teaching job twice because of these cuts. She was too new in each school to have been given tenure yet. We had the misfortune of moving back to California from Hawai’i right when it started to heat up. As you know, such cuts to education threaten the prosperity of future generations. How would you feel if they did that to your kids? I’d be livid if they did that to my child’s education. He did all this while talking about how education is so important!

      He also slashed mass transit funds and almost made it go under.

      Unemployment rates doubled.

      He is arguably the worst governor that Californians have ever had the displeasure of suffering under and it will take years to undo the damage he did.

      I don’t want to argue with you but if we want to compare the presidents I don’t really see this playing out with either of us being happy about the conversation. In regards to Reagan I really don’t understand why he qualified for a memorial calender (I wouldn’t want a calender of any president) when he died and lots of people mourned his passing. Did they forget about all his serious mistakes? Reagan sucked in a lot of ways and in my opinion he was way more dangerous than Obama. Here are my reasons for thinking so:

      He cut taxes for the rich, but increased taxes for people like you and me. He tripled our national debt. (Reminds of the Governator in that regard)

      His alleged involvement in Iran/Contra scandal, which was technically high treason, if he was involved. He funded terrorists, the so called “Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan” AKA the Taliban. That sure came back to bite us in the ass.

      He also had unemployment issues. When he came into office the unemployment was at 7% by the time he hung up his presidential spurs it was 11%!

      Republicans are generally against illegal immigrants, right? Not Reagan. He granted 3 million undocumented illegal immegrants amnesty. We all know why corporations often hire illegals over citizens, right? It’s cheaper! He then removed any crackdowns on corporations that hire undocumented workers from the bill.

      So, what was so awesome about him? His ‘vision’ for the future? The Berlin Wall? His persuasive speech giving skills? So what did Obama do that was worse? Raising taxes and forcing Americans to pay for a health care system that many don’t want? I can see that. Although I did read in a news article months ago that if you really can’t afford the tax on it you can apply to be exempt from the health care tax. I’m not sure how little you have to make to apply though. I’m personally for it as it will benefit me as I have epilepsy. If nothing is wrong with you it can seem like a poor system. If you spend hundreds or even thousands in medical bills it can bankrupt you and ruin your life. I guess Americans tend not to care enough about each other to want this to happen. I can see the sucky aspects of passing the health care bill though.

      I feel that Obama has done more good than bad, even though I don’t agree with all of his decisions. For instance I heavily disagree with our newest war and I’m pissed off at him for plunging us into a war we’re going to struggle with. Wars are too expensive, especially back to back wars, and this will just run us ragged. Not to mention people will die who otherwise (probably) wouldn’t have.

      He also hasn’t fixed unemployment as well as he said he would. He did do some really good things though:

      Obama eliminated billions of dollars in useless subsidies to banks and moved what would have been wasted money into education and now more students qualify for student loans. He’s partially why I can go to school. I’m grateful for that.

      Osama bin Laden is gone. People like to diminish his role in that but if it was Bush I’m sure republicans would be throwing block parties for him.

      One of his more important accomplishments is repairing our foreign policy and mending a lot of bridges with countries Bush pissed off.

      He’s inherited a ruined economy and the back lash of poor decisions made by every president over the last 30 years. Yet people expect him to be able to fix everything in four to eight years and want to crucify him if he can’t. I’ll agree he hasn’t made enough headway but he is making some. We could be old by the time America rights itself.
      He was a better option than Mitt Romney who would have just played the country as his own personal game of Monopoly. Except he would always have a get-out-of-jail-free card.
      Thursday at 10:51am · Like

      Chick’s Husband Let’s not kid ourselves…It all about money. Obama had the most expensive campaign in US history, Bush had the backing money of Morgan Stanley/Merrill Lynch etc, Clinton and his wife stole money in a crazy land deal…if you have $716 million you too can be President!!
      Thursday at 12:25pm · Like · 1


      I don’t even know what has passed under the radar so far in term 2.
      Thursday at 1:35pm via mobile · Like

      Just cause there are two sides to every story. Liberal, conservative, I don’t care. I just cant stand perpetuating one side out if hatred for the other. Politics is a slippery slope to get into discussions about.
      Thursday at 1:51pm via mobile · Like

      Zoë Donnelly Politics are evil. The end lmao.
      Thursday at 2:04pm · Like

      Zoë Donnelly lol was I just blocked?
      Thursday at 2:07pm · Like

      Zoë Donnelly This whole thing is retarded and had absolutely nothing to do with current politics. It had absolutely NO reason to get into this. Off topic blocking ftw! Nice knowing you.

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