What does it take?

I stole this from an OBOD site because I think they were pretty awesome questions. I think it’s worth posting because every person will have a different answer.

I ask you: What does it mean to be a good person, or to live a good life? What values should guide our relationships, our communities, even our nations? What must we do to become responsible for ourselves and our world?

7 thoughts on “What does it take?

  1. Denton Perry says:

    Being a good person is being in tune with the planet and having respect for all things. Respect. Now that is a multi-level concept. One cannot have respect for anything without first having respect for self. Not one’s self, but self!
    To have respect for self one must first be respected. To be respected one must give and show respect to others and all things in the Universe. Without Universal respect there is no self.

    It’s either that, or have another beer!


  2. autumnstrength says:

    There’s quite a few questions there, so it’s hard to answer the whole thing. Being a good person is down to the individuals personal perspective – if the Yorkshire Ripper truly believes he has done nothing wrong and that he is a good person, then in his eyes he is a good person.

    I can’t really answer this right now as I’m unsure how I feel about it. I’ll have to get back to you!

    • You provide an interesting point. Everyone is going to have a definition and what makes them a good person will be varied. The answers will vary between the crazy and the reasonable.

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