Why we should stop electing celebrities

This is about actors assuming they have the political skills to enter politics when having virtually no history of doing so. A lot of people stupidly voted for them without really understanding their proposals or their background.

Da Govenator

Take my home state, California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected only because he was the terminator. Most guys loved him. He was an action star. He blew stuff up. He gave an adrenalin rush to the viewers. What wasn’t to love? Lots of things. In the end he hurt California and left it in worse shape than it was before:

  • He was way too into supporting corporations and took their advice, and of course their proposals of course benefited them. Often more than Californians.
  • He was super right wing, which in itself, probably isn’t that bad but our state is blue so in general our people are bound to have issues with ‘Da Governator.’ Their political sub-culture runs counter to the majority of Californian’s. Not bashing republicans (I dislike both parties) but if you elect a governor who is red in a blue state or blue in a red state it’s going to have serious issues.
  • He cut $9.6 BILLION from education. My mother lost her teaching job twice because of these cuts. She was too new in each school to have been given tenure yet. We had the misfortune of moving back to California from Hawai’i right when it started to heat up. As you know, such cuts to education threaten the prosperity of future generations. How would you feel if they did that to your kids? I’d be livid if they did that to my child’s education. (I don’t have kids) He did all this while talking about how education is so important!
  • He also slashed mass transit funds and almost made it go under.
  • Unemployment rates doubled.

He is arguably the worst governor that Californians have ever had the displeasure of suffering under. It will take years to undo the damage he did.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan was before my time and the information I have is based on research. Based on what I read Reagan made super dangerous choices and the consequences of those choices are still coming back to hurt us. So yeah, I really don’t understand why he qualified for a memorial calender when he died  (granted, I wouldn’t want a calender of any president) and lots of people mourned his passing. Did they forget about all his serious mistakes? In my opinion Ronald Reagan was dangerous:

  • He cut taxes for the rich, but increased taxes for people like you and me. He tripled our national debt. (Reminds me of the Governator in that regard)
  • His alleged involvement in Iran/Contra scandal, which was technically high treason, if he was involved.
  • He funded terrorists, the so called “Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan” AKA the Taliban. That sure came back to bite us in the ass.
  • He also had unemployment issues. When he came into office the unemployment rate was at 7% but by the time he hung up his presidential spurs it was 11%!
  • Republicans are generally against illegal immigrants, right? Not Reagan. He granted 3 million undocumented illegal immigrants amnesty. We all know why corporations often hire illegals over citizens, right? It’s cheaper! He then removed any crackdowns on corporations that hire undocumented workers from the bill.

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