Epileptic Dreams…

HA, just kidding.

I can’t sleep.

Because of epilepsy.


It occurred to me tonight that I haven’t been able to sleep ‘unaided’ for a year.

Before I could fall to sleep at a decent hour but the littlist thing would wake me up and I’d be up.

Before epilepsy I would sleep deeply and could sleep just about anywhere. Sleep was practically a talent.

It’s funny.

Ah well, sleep problems aren’t that uncommon with epileptics…

…and dizziness…

…and head aches…

…and depression…

…and memory loss…

…and PTSD…

Hmmm, not being able to sleep is suddenly seeming quite logical.

I tried to do it unaided tonight, I keep trying every once in awhile…perhaps I had made it habitual to go to bed around this time and didn’t need them anymore. Alas, no.

Still though, it could be worse. At least I CAN sleep and I only need your run-of-the-mill store bought drugs instead of a prescription.

I wonder if jet lag would even effect me. Perhaps I’ll test that out.

Maybe I’ll check out the OBOD forums…


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