If you’re too lazy to…

People that constantly type or text in what is essentially broken English with their abbreviations and lazy construction of words really irritate me. I find it difficult to consider them an intelligent person. I’ve heard all the excuses…it’s quicker, they don’t care; etc. To me, they are just idiots.


1.) wut 2 do sumthi

2.)do u wa/hel

3.) hi 2 day was nic luv u.

My translations:

1.) Want to listen to me sound like a complete moron for a few hours?

2.) Do you want my ignorance?

3.) I am somehow dating a person that barely passed high school and will never go to college.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a little bit harsh…but seriously. I don’t care how long it takes me I spell my shit right and make sure everything is grammatically correct. I’d be very embarrassed if I typed/texted like that.

I see this stuff on facebook, in texts, in online games…it’s getting out of control. This crap spreads like herpes. Could you imagine if books started to be published in abbreviated internet English? I’d start looking to live on other planets.

Sometimes the broken English is so stupid I can’t even decipher it. I’ve also noticed that in video games, more often than not (in my experience, anyway) the people who troll you and insult you are the people who use this stupid abbreviated English. So you have an extremely stupid person yelling at you if you make a mistake and you read this broken shit and you’re like “I don’t have to take this shit from someone who is too lazy to type ‘you’ out.” Of course, if you engage them they make it impossible to argue with you.

l2p noob




4 thoughts on “If you’re too lazy to…

  1. I understand about on online games because the action is quick. Other than that I do not understand.

  2. LoveIn102 says:

    hahahahaha 😀

    I love you.

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