The Politician and his mistress.

Anti-Abortion Politician: ABORTION IS WRONG!

Mistress: I’m pregnant.

Anti-Abortion Politician: YOU’RE GETTING AN ABORTION!

I wonder how many real-life instances of this there have been. When it comes to the media sniffing out their bastard they are apparently all for what they call “baby killing” because in their minds it’s the most responsible thing to do for the sake of their career. *sniffs* Oh, the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

Of course, not all anti-abortion politicians are men. However, this situation can still apply if their son or grandson who is already married finds out he’s having a bastard…or wants one for any reason.

I don’t agree with the term ‘bastard’ by the way. In situations like this it just carries the weight needed to get my point across.


There is at least one pro-lifer that decided he wanted an abortion.

Oh wait, I mean two.

Holy shit, more than that?

His mind: My abortion was ethical and reasonable. All others aren’t.

Right sir, keep thinking that. I suppose that sense of entitlement warps your view on just about everything.

This is the problem with the selfish and the privileged. When they do controversial things their situation is different and therefore okay.

Morality says that if you’re against something you’re against something. You don’t get to change your mind if the tables are turned on you.

Politicians have never been known for their morality though.

Don’t ask me why I woke up thinking about this.


I’ve also noticed that quite a few pro-choice politicians are also against universal health care. How can they believe in the preservation of life then?


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