Fine, I’ll say it, I HATE these people: Hipsters and people who are too into anime.

I’m pretty tolerant of people over all, but seriously, FUCK these guys.

#1 Hipster YOLOs.


People call them hipsters but my boyfriend and I call them Yolos. Hipsters are basically people that disdain any “main stream” culture and try to do pretty much the exact opposite of what they think everyone else does and call it artistic and original. They like to say “non-conformist” a lot. It never occurs to them that they are “conforming” to the hipster lifestyle. They usually wear their “unique” style by buying all their clothes from thrift shops. They also wear androgynous hairstyles and wear “dork” glasses. They think they’re being original but the punks in my high school did the same thing. Now it’s just hipster with a slight style change. They believe they are being original. Like punk-wear it can also be bought ‘main stream’ (Hot Topic), and since these non-conformists are becoming increasingly popular you can now purchase “Yolo-Wear” at higher end stores… Which I’m sure they can discreetly purchase and then claim they lucked out at Good Will.


Yolos use hash-tags for just about everything. They either attach “YOLO” to anything they post on Facebook or Twitter. These guys seriously just add a hash-tag to whatever they’re doing. Examples:

“I was supposed to go to class today but I didn’t feel like it. #YOLO”

“The dog woke himself up when he farted #LOL”

“Totally hooked up with that hottie at the club” #YOLO


They have coined the phrase “YOLO” which stands for You Only Live Once.

Yolo is akin to “Carpe Diem” but they appear to be too stupid to know what that means. It’s that or they think Latin is main stream and want to re-package it as a stupid acronym.


People also use the term “YOLO” to excuse looked down upon behavior such as sleeping around, cheating on their boy/girlfriends, and so on. This sort of shit is seriously only for douchebags.


There is also the existence of Bronies. ’nuff said.


This is the group that is gonna flame me. To be clear, I don’t dislike anime at all, there are quite a few that I really love. I appreciate the art style, I find it beautiful and unique. I love GTO, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Outlaw Star and movies like Princess Mononoke. It’s the obsessive viewers I can’t stand. I can’t find any good memes or pictures for this one, so I’ll just have to be descriptive.

To be an anime geek in my book is not to be a geek who just so happens to loves anime. This is an entity that is way too into the genre to the extent that they need to extend it into the real life. Here are some indicators that you may be in the presence of an Anime Geek

  • They prefer to be called by a Japanese alias (especially white Anime geeks) this is frequently carried over to any online tags they may have.
  • They think they can speak Japanese because they watch anime.
  • They think Japanese culture is the supreme culture.
  • Watches hentai instead of actual porn.
  • They can only appreciate anime as art.
  • Uses…uh…’words’ like “squee” or “glomp”.
  • Only like Asian weapons
  • Seems to think they know martial arts or ken-do.
  • Knows Japanese history a hell of a lot better than they know their own history.
  • Asian preference and/or fetish to other races.
  • Only likes to listen to J/K/Whatever-Pop
  • Fuckin furries

So why hate these people? Well, because I don’t feel like they have a real love for Japan like Japan-ophiles do or whatever the term for it is. I think that with a lot of them they wouldn’t give a shit about Japan if it wasn’t for anime. A prime example is how popular donating to Japan after their earthquake was vs Haiti’s. It was much “cooler” to give to Japan. Appreciating a foreign culture is a good thing but don’t forget about your own. No culture is better than another.

Anime nerds come in all colors and creeds but the ones that piss me off the most are white anime geeks. Sorry. It’s racist, I get it. Just from the ones I’ve seen, they tend to take it too far.  These people also seem to think that if they learn a few words or phrases in Japanese because of anime that means they can suddenly speak a second language.

There is also the whole Asian fetish thing that bothers me. It’s not thinking Asian women/men are beautiful, because I agree that they are, it’s thinking they are the MOST beautiful. I dislike the idea of any race being the “most” beautiful. That’s just me though. I find it hard to believe that I’m the only person on the planet that can appreciate beauty from any creed.

There is also the hentai. Hentai, for those of you who don’t know, is anime porn. There is all sorts of hentai sub-categories but the “iconic” one is a girl being raped by tentacles or some shit like that. A girl saying “no, no, no!” and then eventually wanting it is pretty prevalent as well. So many of them are school girls too. It’s very disturbing in my book. Raping innocent wide-eyed teenagers. As I said though, it’s not all like that. There is also this thing called neko (people, usually women, who have cat ears/tail) that I find super annoying. It used to be kinda cute but now it’s everywhere. They also gave rise to furries…which is self-explanatory.

Some of these people that I’ve met also try to absorb their personalities. There is the commonly “sullen yet sensitive” teenage angsty people (think Squall Lionheart or Cloud Strife type personalities) or disgustingly sugary-sweet-bubbly-hyper type personalities….just talking to them will give you a cavity.

As I said, I enjoy my anime as much as the next person but these people take it too far. Their lives become all about anime and celebrating it. I don’t have a problem with fans but these people are obsessive to the point of being a bit pathetic. If you took their anime away what would be left? Anime is awesome guys, just don’t let it consume you. You’re not a cartoon character, you’re human. Does your life feel mundane? Change it.

**To be fair the “medieval nerds” are pretty up there on my disdain list too. Not talking about liking the time period; not talking about liking Renaissance fairs; it’s having that interest completely dominate your life to the point where you’re more it than you.**

#3 Anyone who likes Justin Bieber

Especially those clueless fucks that think he’s better than “The Beatles and Michael Jackson combined”.

If you fall into either of these groups and you’re offended. Sorry. It’s how I feel. Gonna be a bitch about this. Everyone has groups of people they can’t stand and these are mine.

3 thoughts on “Fine, I’ll say it, I HATE these people: Hipsters and people who are too into anime.

  1. Ah, the otaku. Just like every obsessive fan, they end up missing out on so much else…

    • Ah ha! People on Facebook told me that term. I know that otaku means geek but in the term that it’s used in Japan (from what I’ve read) is that it’s used not as a celebratory term but as more of an…outsider geek. Does that make sense? Like a pariah nerd.

      They really do miss out on a lot of life. That goes for everyone who thinks one type of thing or culture is better than everyone/thing else. How can they develop their own minds if they are constantly trying absorb other “people’s” personality traits. I take issue because I’ve known way too many of these people.

  2. viefinale says:

    You are awesome.

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