Our species sucks.

Humanity as a majority appears to be a broken ugly thing, content only if people think and act as they do. Anything less or more than that is subject to malice of varying degrees. Self-righteous opinions come before any religion they take part in, if they take part in them at all. They put these so called righteous desires over all others. Even if they claim otherwise, which they will. Denial, excuses and blatant deceit go hand in hand with most humans. The more I read the more disillusioned I am with them. The more experience I gain the more I dislike my own species.

Humanity is part of nature and yet we scorn her. We scourge her. We deny that the earth is more apart of us than we are of it. Those that try to repair the damage are belittled and shamed by those who profit from her suffering. As technology grows, despite all it’s wonders our societies regress socially. Stalking, bullying, murdering abounds seemingly more than ever before. People grow desperate and become unhinged as a result. Some of them even strive to inflict that suffering on others, beginning a new cycle of abuse. They make excuses or they mock those that judge them. 

Excuses. The excuse is the great foulness of humanity. Everyone has a justification for what they do, especially if it’s something others will judge them harshly for. It’s always some sob story or some “right” they have to something or someone. We all have our opinions and our beliefs, and have a right to them, but we’ve developed the sentiment that those who do not agree with us are slobbering idiots who should be disdained and hated. Politics. Religion. Any sort of exclusive “club” that someone can align themselves with.

I don’t hate humanity but I dislike it. I mistrust it. I mistrust us. Most of all though, I feel a deep sorrow that our species isn’t everything it has the potential of being.


9 thoughts on “Our species sucks.

  1. pariah04 says:

    Unfortunately, I agree with your comments. But that’s just today, tomorrow may be an entirely different ball game.
    However aren’t things getting better.? If you look back over the past several hundred years society has become more equitable, we fight hard to eliminate the flesh trade and we are now realizing (albeit slowly) that we really do need to co-exist with nature while expressing our technological side.
    I think in a hundred years (lord hopes we are still here) it will be a bright new world and we will have learned from our mistakes.

    • I would agree but the state in which we treat our planet will give rise to more social atrocities as desperation for resources and good land rise.

      • pariah04 says:

        Very true, just look at Hurricane Katrina where even the Police were looting. Unfortunately in a situation where human beings go from an abundance of food and resources to a sudden lack of resources we can get pretty nasty.
        However, you are basing this off the idea that we will be lacking in resources morning forward.
        If you look at something like the Omega Garden system, we can now grow enough food in warehouses to feed cities, companies have developed high altitude wind turbines that output megawatts of electricity to help get us away from our oil dependence. Electric cars are becoming mainstream with the introduction of charging station in America and Europe, we’ve developed more efficient solar arrays, 3D printing technology will allow us to create virtually anything from houses to human organs.
        I think the idea of living in lack is an outmoded concept and by holding on to it you are just helping to propagate the ideas that you disdain so much.
        By the way, nice talking with you. 🙂

  2. erikamsteele says:

    Do humans have the capability to do “better”? Of course we do. Will we ever do better? No, we are animals and no matter how much people try to deny this with morals, religion, and laws.

    As far as crime, crime rates are actually down. The media and the use of scare tactics to keep people amused and entertained is definitely up. This site points (http://www.freerangekids.com/crime-statistics/) (http://www.freerangekids.com/murder-rate-down-fear-up-why/) to the stats indicating crime rates are going down; not up. Normally, I wouldn’t link blogs, but she provides links to the sources I would have used. Fear is up because of the way news is communicated now days. Facebook can spread a story like wildfire.

    • Very good point! Thanks for sharing!
      It’s a comfort to see that crime rates are actually down…I just see how people treat each other and how little we care for each other and it scares me. It lowers the bar and I wonder if it will even be there at some point.

    • Also, yes we ARE animals. So many people don’t seem to believe that and put ourselves above them because of our mental prowess. We refer to humans and animals as separate entities. Then people get all upset when the theory of evolution gets talked about. (it goes much deeper than that, I know)

      • erikamsteele says:

        People seem to think that because we have “culture” and technology our behaviors are different from other animals when every thing we do is to preserve the human race. No different than any other species on the planet.

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