Nelson Mandela – Morgan Freeman mix up.

Greg: Your book was SO inspiring Mr. Mandela. It made me want to become a journalist!

Nelson Mandela: I am so happy it spoke to you.

Stan: I don’t know what book he’s talking about, but I LOVE your movies, especially The Bucket List. Hoo! It got me. It got me.

Greg: Ugh, Stan, I think you’re mistaken…

Stan: Aren’t you Morgan Freeman?

Greg: This is NELSON MANDELA! Why did you think I was calling him Nelson Mandela?

Stan: I thought it was one of Freeman’s many nicknames, like Captain Morgan or Freckles.

*Greg covers his face with his hands*

Stan: Hey Freckles, want to hear a joke? Do they have jokes in your country or is it just sadness all the time? …Are you sad right now?



American Dad! Season Four: Episode 19 “Daddy Queerest”

2 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela – Morgan Freeman mix up.

  1. erikamsteele says:

    American Dad is one of my favorites.

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