Kicked off the football team because she was a girl.

…So this girl is kicked off the football team because she’s a girl. 

The reason is that the boys will have “impure thoughts”, so how is that her problem? People have “impure thoughts” all the time. It’s seems that only the religious people fail to realize that this is nature. Kicking her off the team won’t stop these “impure thoughts” because they’re teenage boys. Fantasizing about sex is sort of their thing. They’re entering their sexual peak after all. Give me a break.

If they didn’t want girls on the football team then why make it bi-gender in the first place? Why not make two different teams if they had such an issue with it? Did they expect only ugly girls would play and the boys wouldn’t care about them? Sorry, she’s pretty, get over it. Worried about someone grabbing her boobies? It’s a contact sport and her choice. She knows what she’s getting into. I seriously doubt the boys wouldn’t want to tackle her. At least not after they get over their initial reservation.

I don’t get it, it seriously seems like every time women show any sort of physical prowess people try to stamp them out. Oh women can’t be warriors; oh women can’t work; oh women can’t go to college; oh women can’t do bi-gender sports. It’s THEIR hang up. Not ours. If God was so adverse to women playing sports, fighting or whatever else he doesn’t want us to do then he wouldn’t make us physically able to do so. Right off the bat we may appear to be the physically weaker sex but we’ve proven that with dedication we can hold our own. Some even surpass their male counterparts.

I seriously doubt he “prayed on it” like he said. Perhaps it was the CEO of that private Christian school and the coach that was having impure thoughts about her. The shitty thing with private schools is that they basically get to set their own laws. 

If people want to push us then we’ll push back. Harder. It works that way with ANY group of people. You push their gender, religion, race or whatever and they’ll push back because it’s important. 

Should this be made a big deal and isn’t an issue just for feminists? Yes. It’s adverse behavior and like any sort of adverse behavior it needs to be stamped out and that can only happen if it’s brought to people’s attention.

Judge her on her ability not on her sex.



8 thoughts on “Kicked off the football team because she was a girl.

  1. erikamsteele says:

    If they did not want her on the team, they should not have let her on the team to begin with. With that said, this is a private school and not a public one. I would care slightly more if this happened at a public school that received public funding where the law says that male and female sports have to receive the same amount of funding and attention. However, it is a private school and therefore they are allowed to determine their own rules and their own values. Also, where in the article does it say that the team was intended to be bi-gender? I did not see that. If the team was intended to be bi-gendered and they kicked her off because she might cause impure thoughts, she has an argument. If not, then since it is a private school she really has no case. If she wants to play on the boys team perhaps mommy and daddy should let her go to a dirty public school and not try to change the rules at a private school because they don’t like them.

    • I agree, they can’t just let her on the team and then rip it away for no real reason. It would be one thing if she couldn’t pull her own weight on the team but apparently she can. If she didn’t she would have been cut for that reason and it wouldn’t have made head lines. You’re right about the private school thing as well, they have their own set of rules and it doesn’t apply to those of us who go/went to those dirty public schools with their inferior godless education and their heathen teachings of the theory of evolution. Ick. It doesn’t say it in the article but if she was allowed to be on the team and then cut I deduced that it was bi-gender. How else would she have made the cut in the first place? Would have been a serious oversight if they made a mistake and somehow didn’t realized she was a girl. The CEO’s reasoning was that the boys would have impure thoughts so she does have an argument in that sense. His wording, not mine. If her parents are smart they’ll yank her out of that school. The whole thing seems to be based on a possibility of lust. That would happen regardless of who was on the team. As long as there are girls in the school they will lust after each other. They’ll lust in the streets. They’ll lust in their homes. They’ll lust…everywhere. It’s nature. People just do that. Christian schools seem to believe that doesn’t have to be the case and try to go against nature.

      • erikamsteele says:

        When I went to a high school in California, there was a girl on the football team. She wanted to join the wrestling team, but the boys wanted a sport that was just their own, so she transferred schools and beat all of them.

        Just because she made the cut does not mean the team was bi-gender. It just means she made the cut and then they changed their mind for whatever reason. NO she does not have an argument because she is at a private school. They do not have to let her play on the team and their reasons don’t matter. I know the lust reason was the CEO’s reason. Technically, she wouldn’t even have an argument if she was at a public school since Title 9 or whatever it is called doesn’t say that women have to be allowed to play on male sport’s teams. It says that male and female sports team receive equal funding. Until it is changed so that it ensures male and females have the same opportunities to be on the same team, they do not have to let women play on any K-12 school or college football team (this is even more the case at private schools with private values).

        It is a Christian school which means they are going to base their rules on their interpretation of Christian values. I do not have to like their values, but they are absolutely entitled to believe whatever they want to believe. Since people are able to associate with whomever they want to associate with, no one has to be involved with people who don’t share their values.

        I doubt her parents will yank her out of the school. They are getting their 15 minutes of fame. I do not understand their whining when they have their child in a Christian school. They shouldn’t be shocked when something that goes along with what Christians believe happens to them. In general, people are stupid and this is another case of stupid not discrimination.

      • I guess you’re right about her not having a case since it’s private. To me it’s just not okay regardless if it’s public or private, even if that’s not how it’s officially viewed. The school refusing to comment (at the time of my viewing anyway) speaks volumes to me. If they just changed their minds doesn’t that mean their original intention was to have it boy/girl? Her parents may not pull her out of school but I hope this makes them review the importance of being part of a private school system. I would imagine still going to that school would be awkward though. I support her even if it doesn’t change things right now it at least brings attention to the issue. Perhaps there should be more school standards across the board (public and private) and then they can do what they please. The CEO’s comment of “praying on it” pisses me off. He’s hiding behind God in order to justify a decision he knows will be interpreted as sexist. They ARE entitled to believe whatever they want, even if I myself aren’t a believe I wouldn’t tell them otherwise, but as you said, being a private school makes all the difference.

      • erikamsteele says:

        So I wrote this super long comment and lost it.

        1. Maybe the decision was sexist, but kids get kicked off teams for all kinds of dumb reasons. A girl was kicked off my soccer team for flirting with boys on the boys soccer team. The boys were not. No one should have been kicked off the team, but neither she nor her parents sued. People are too sue happy these days.

        2. Even if she were at a public school the law says women’s teams get equal funding, not that women get to play on men’s teams (or vice-versa). Things are changing since more people are pushing for it, but that does not mean that this change is good. See #3.

        3. If women can play on men’s teams, then men can play on traditionally female sports like volleyball. Some of the girls on the team will be able to compete with the men, and some won’t. The ones that can’t will lose their slot on the team.

  2. mishie1 says:

    Not allowing girls on the team is silly assuming she can perform as well as the boys. And you can’t even tell if someone is a girl or a boy in those pads. I was football manager for 4 years in high school and the 3rd year we got a new coach. I walked up to him at 5 in the morning for first day of 2 a day practices, shook his hand, and introduced myself as the manager. He looked at me and said “but you’re a girl…we already have a ball boy”. I. Was. Furious.

    • Wow. I bet. I would have considered kicking him in the balls. I don’t get why this shit with women is even still an issue. I seriously doubt they are “threatened” by our gender. If they are then it’s silly and not based in reality. A lot of early cultures were matriarchal and some of them were even a bit more better off before the conquering “patriarchal” cultures stamped them out. Like every group that has to deal with prejudices…racial minorities, women, homosexuals, the poor…we have to jump through hoops were shouldn’t have to jump through in the first place in order to be considered equal. As you said, if she performs as well as a boy then why worry? Turning it into a religious issue is a good way to fire up everyone, especially since there is a rising number of young adults that don’t align themselves with a religion.

  3. viefinale says:

    yeah, my first question is why allow her on the team in the first place? Sure there may not have been enough interested females to start an all women’s team, but why bother letting her participate only revoke the privilege based on a really stupid issue? “Impure thoughts”? So glad I didn’t go to a Christian school, they would have had a hell of a time with me

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