Went to the car show yesterday.

Went to the car show yesterday.

Yesterday I went to the Arroyo Grande (Village) Car Show with my Mom. I can’t drive because of my epilepsy (well, I CAN drive but I won’t because it’s too unpredictable. Besides, the DMV people make it impossible) but despite my non-driver status I really like cars, especially classic cars.

The museum-esque ones were taken less than a block away from the car show at a local museum. The ones that struck me the most were the old gravestones carved into pieces of wood. One of them belonged to a three-year old. The last name is Branch which is one of the main street-names in town so I think he probably belonged to the family that is the street’s namesake.

Anyway, enjoy!


Okay, it’s being lame. Won’t post them all. I’ll fix it later. Probably.

One thought on “Went to the car show yesterday.

  1. viefinale says:

    do we get to see pics? 🙂

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