My two offensive rants

Rant 1: Anti-Birth Control

Can someone please explain to me why, in an over-populated world, it’s a good idea to ban birth-control? Most people are struggling to make ends meet…now add an unexpected child to the mix…welcome to poverty and not being able to take care of the child as you (hopefully) would have been able to if you planned for it.

Besides, it’s not like people would stop having sex. Then up-tight people can say “Well, they duh-serve-eet.” Fuck you. That’s all I have to say. Fuck you in your stupid ass. Despite that being all I had to say I’m going to say more! winky

At first I thought they intended to throw out woman-related BC but keep condoms but apparently that’s not the case. They don’t want to just abort abortions (see wut I did thur?) but condoms, and the pill (among others) too. Can someone explain to me why, in a country that has no official religion (hurhur surprise! I think Westboro Church missed the memo) that we might let Christian movements tell the entire country what is okay? In this country people have the right to be whatever they want or not be anything. People are welcome to worship what they please but in government religion isn’t supposed to hold sway and yet it does.

I find it hard to believe that this is what God wants. I’m convinced that heaven is/will be full of judgmental assholes that I refuse to deal with on Earth. I don’t want to go to heaven with those people, that would be hell.

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company”. – Mark Twain

A lot of guys tend to cringe at any sort of feminist rant but hey-hey here I go! Suck it!

It’s my body. I get to say if I want a baby in me or not. I refuse to be a mother until I know I can take care of a kid properly and provide for it in all the ways it deserves. I can’t do that right now, so I won’t have a baby. I get to have a say in how responsible I get to be. I have a right to explore my sexuality and become comfortable with it. If you’re going to do something important do it right. I get to control my life. Not some religion with political backing. Not only is contraception near-baby-proof but some of them, like condoms, protect against certain STDs. It’s a bad idea for the planet. It is unnecessary and irresponsible to want to destroy birth control.


Rant 2: Stupid reds and their “real American” bitching.

**Not saying this about all republicans. Just the stupid ones that are vocalizing their beliefs without researching their shit at places other than Fox News**

Come get me “real” Americans.

Okay…so this is what I’ve noticed.

During the Bush years: You’re un-American if you don’t support Dub-yah and the Iraqi War cause! If you question why our soldiers are going over there you don’t support the military and you’re unappreciative and need to take a bath, you dirty hippie!

So wait, …Wanting to keep them alive isn’t supporting them? News to me. I would say throwing their lives away on a war-cause under the guise of something else is way worse.

The Obama years: He’s bringing down the country around our ears and if we protest we’re racist because he’s black! He’s the worst president we’ve ever had and if you’re pro-Obama you’re un-American! AMERICA IS DYING AND IT’S ALL OBAMA’S FAULT OMG!


I’ve heard this shit a thousand times and it still doesn’t make any sense. If you think your arguments against Obama’s presidency will come off as racist you’re phrasing your shit wrong and should probably leave out his race all together and only talk about his deeds.

Here is my guess for the next president’s opposing party whiners:

Can I slap a bitch please? Can’t you fuckers see how that makes zero sense? You’re welcome to dislike either sort of president but try your hardest to not be so god-damned biased. I don’t like everything Obama has done, especially recently, but I’m not ignorant enough to think he’s the damn anti-Christ.

So…this un-American shit needs to stop. You need to zip it, lock it, and put it in your pocket because you sound like an epic dumb ass. Seriously, all your comments might as well be purple. (Gamer reference)

It is not for someone to judge another person’s “American-ness” especially since you’re biased ass is going to judge it soul-y on if they agree with you.

I just don’t understand their logic: It’s “un-American” to disagree with these guys when you have complaints about a red president but if it’s a blue president America is falling apart and anyone that doesn’t agree with them might as well be a traitor and should “get out”

If I pissed you off, well fine, that is your right. As an American I actually recognize that you have the right to feel and speak the way you want to. I don’t limit it to people that will agree with me.


11 thoughts on “My two offensive rants

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I agree completely about the first topic. I especially agree that religion has no place in,our government.

    As far as the second rant goes, people on both teams are idiots and Obama is just W Bush II.

    • I’m inclined to mostly agree with you. Obama was a disappointment. I didn’t expect him to keep all of his promises but I was hoping he would get us back on track so we could rebuild. He’s just like every politician, and an especially a very good orator. I’m convinved they are all the same. The only successful president since I’ve been born (1986) was Clinton. I don’t give a shit about his personal life but our economy was the strongest it had been in years and years. I think it was…60 years?

    • There is this expectation that all presidents have to have an “all American family” in order to be respected. I was only 12 when the whole thing happened so I don’t think I know everything about it but it seems like it might have been pushed by the opposite faction so they could get a man of their choosing behind the Oval Office’s desk. I’m sure people try to pull that crap all the time but in lower positions. It’s what politicians do.

      • erikamsteele says:

        The scandal was mostly a Republican issue. The idea that a President, who is human, has to be more “moral” than others is entirely ridiculous. I prefer a human president over a pretentious one.

    • It’s frightening how well misdirection works and how much trouble it can cause. It’s a trick that is still working. I’ve had this crazy idea that lowering the education standards and making portions so huge that we have a nation of fatties is a great way of making people complacent and they won’t care about all that “smart stuff”

      Now I feel like the crazy guys that wear tin foil hats.

    • Seems like they are calling pretty much anything where you lack discipline a “disease” now days. I mean, on one hand I get the struggle and all that jazz but calling it a disease just makes it sound so epic-ally serious when, in most cases, the person can learn to control it. It’s just not easy. I never bought the “sex addiction” thing either. Most of the addiction problems, real or otherwise, are the result of people’s inability to own up to problems and trying to blame it on the mystical source that cannot argue against your case nor point a finger back at you.

  2. viefinale says:

    quite the rant 🙂

    I try to keep political conversation to a minimum (in regards to both of your topics, actually) because you never know when someone is going to go apeshit on you. I once met a guy online around the onset of the Iraqi War and he turned out to be in some branch of the armed forces. I made the grave mistake of saying that I “support the troops but not the war”…apparently it wasn’t possible for me to want the troops to be safe while also thinking that they shouldn’t be over there in the first place. Turns out those sentiments make no sense together and they can make one incredibly un-American.

    • I think it’s perfectly possible to support the troops and not the war. I can see how they would think that but I don’t agree with it. Americans don’t (or aren’t supposed to) practice extreme devotion to their governments. We vocally protest and question things that seem shady. You respect the soldiers and the sacrifice and dedication to our country. They fight for our freedom, and we are exercising that freedom they fought for by disagree with the cause of the war.

      **I have several Iraqi war vet friends who have said that even THEY don’t support the war.

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