Erm er gerds genocide

LOL at the stupid fucks down the street with the banners of Obama with a Hitler stache claiming that he is causing a genocide in the states. When asked how many he’s killed he wouldn’t answer me. When I asked him if he understood what it meant he just started saying “It’s a fact” lol. I told them that if he was anything like Hitler they would have been executed for protesting.

If you wanna dislike him, fine, but keep comparisons in the ball park. Perhaps Nixon is a better comparison because of the whole spying thing. Well, that’s still different because even though it was enraging it was technically legal.


Comparing him to an ass-face that killed two million Jews (including the Jews Germany ended up wiping out 2.5% of the population) is as stupid as comparing a pig to a unicorn. They both have hooves, but one isn’t real.


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