Facebook can be the devil.

I’ve been kinda thinking about quitting Facebook. It causes more good than ill and it turns into debating, and not the good kind. It’s arguing badly disguised as debating. It’s hard for me to not HAVE Facebook because it’s a way to keep in touch with friends and family that I would otherwise almost never see. The ‘likes’ pages is usually what causes all the problems because it’s full of stupid asses spouting their mouths off about things they really don’t understand and are driven more by emotion than information.

The easy way would be to not like pages and not read stupid comments, right? Not so easy.

It invades everything.

Sometimes (and I’m not talking about any specific people, or even MY Facebook) you read stuff from friends and family that are so backward you want to correct it. It appears that so many friendships have entered such a superficial stage that if you don’t agree with them about every topic and every action they make you’re disrespectful and not a good friend. How is that friendship or family-love? It’s pretty controlling to demand that your friends agree with you on everything or hate them. From family I’ve been told of their 35 year friendships falling apart because of differing opinions on Facebook.

So yeah, I’ve been considering getting rid of my Facebook but I don’t see how I could ever truly stay away. What few friends I have are here. Because of my friend Alicia I met Nick, the greatest love of my life, and we first started talking through Facebook, before meeting up for our first date over sushi. So it does have that nostalgic feeling attached to it.

I posted it a few days ago, but a study has come out saying that people who frequently use Facebook tend to be more unhappy than people who don’t use Facebook infrequently at all.


11 thoughts on “Facebook can be the devil.

  1. viefinale says:

    I have had my facebook deactivated for about a month now, though for different reasons. When I am active I keep less than 30 friends. The number itself isn’t very important, but my personal rule is to only keep friends that I’d instant message with. If I am not friendly/interested enough in someone to want to engage in real time conversations with them, then there is no sense in letting them access my personal info and vice versa. I also don’t use my real name on facebook so I am not easily found.

    The internet really sucks sometimes. Now anyone who can do a Google search thinks that they are an expert; probably like the Hitler/Obama protesters. Cyber bullies hide behind the internet and will whine about their free-speech rights whenever their hate speech is questioned. It can really bring out the worst in people :/

    I miss privacy!

    • I’m starting to wonder if we ever had privacy, even in the pre-internet days. It wouldn’t be unthinkable to find out that America has always spied on it’s citizens, they just used different methods. It’s just technically legal now.

      Those douchebags had a right to their little hate speeches but they weren’t intelligent enough to research their stuff to answer questions. They were only prepared to speak to people that agreed with them. So…only ready to talk to people who weren’t well informed and anyone who disagreed with them was an idiot, as they called me when I repeatedly asked them to offer proof of this so called American genocide. As soon as I stepped out of the car (they were defensive since I had a camera in my hand) they said ‘are you for us or against us?’ which tells you their mentality right there. I filed it but I’m not going to put it on the internet, I don’t think it would help produce anything positively-productive. Perhaps the fear of being caught so uninformed online will make them actually research shit in the future. It’s not for me to publicly humiliate them.

      As I said, I don’t care if they are for or against Obama, but if they are going to make a public demonstration, they need to research their shit because people WILL question them. It was mostly a sales thing too though, their “proof” was in these xeroxed packets, which you could read, if you gave them $25 for it. Based on my experience you can guess how worth it the materials would have been. :-p

  2. autumnstrength says:

    We tend to agree on a lot of things, so the odd debate/argument we have I see as a bit of fun. I’m never attacking you, I just like that you seem to enjoy a bit of an argument! I hope it doesn’t bother you 🙂

  3. I use Facebook to post my posts from here and to post silly things I don’t want to bog down my blog with. Also, I have international family I can’t contact by other means.

  4. M says:

    You would really hate the fb group I started. It’s set up for debates between atheists and Christians. 😉

    • There is a HUGE difference between an intellectual debate and two (or more) people getting super angry and offended. At this point I’m pretty convinced that sort of unreigned hostility/bitching is the best thing Facebookers can produce. Hell, it’s the best most people can produce. Intellectual conversation ceases the more emotional the subject is for them. I’m not saying it is impossible for one to happen, more that it’s something most people can’t pull it off. As interesting as that Facebook page seems I’m going to pass on it. You’ll have a bunch of people quoting bible versus to “prove” their “authenticity” and you’ll have a bunch of people not buying their points because in their view the bible is largely fictional. On that topic you probably have about a 1% chance of changing anyone’s minds and both parties have valid reasons for their beliefs or in their lack of one. Regardless of the side people will cling to what they believe and will be largely unable to listen and have a real conversation. Instead they will just argue until one person decides to stop talking about it and then the other person feels like “the winner”. I actually like real intellectual debate, it’s just that few people have the emotional discipline to hack it to be worth it.

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