Red vs Blue ideological difference… GO!

I think it’s pretty pathetic that a lot of people can’t be friends with people who have political ideological differences. I’ve lost quite a few not-so-missed friends because I didn’t agree with them. Also, these people tend to get upset when they haven’t researched their shit, and get embarrassed that their friend actually has looked into it and offers a different opinion and it makes them feel foolish.

When you don’t agree with someone on politics it basically goes like this:

*GASP* You don’t agree with me? You’re an idiot! You suck! You’re evil! You probably punch dolphin calves in the face!

Then there is the dramatic Facebook un-friending and followed by what I can only guess is a rant about it on their Facebook so the friends that actually agree with them can like their status and reaffirm their belief that their temper tantrum was justified and it was totally worth ending a friendship over.

If you guys can’t agree on this one aspect then fine, don’t agree, but are you so insecure or so self-centered (or both?) that you’re unable to appreciate the other aspects of your friendship with that person?

One thought on “Red vs Blue ideological difference… GO!

  1. I hereby announce to the world, that I unfriended no one today! Universe, take note!! :}

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