Yet another bad experience

…with a religious person.

Before I get into this I’d like to say I have nothing against anyone who believes in whatever. I do get annoyed with the ultra-religious that try to push their beliefs on other people though.

I do believe the first commandments is “Keep thy religion to thyself”

…Oh wait, it’s not? That was George Carlin? Oh well.

Yeah, so this friend of my ex-boyfriend…don’t ask me why his friends are still on my Facebook…was going on and on about how humans shouldn’t rely on themselves and just think the way the bible wants them to think. I said “So much for free will.” and that started the whole thing. He seems to think that giving us free will was some kind of temptation. So he starts going on about how he’s praying for me to be saved and about how I’ll be going to hell with all the other non-believers, and not believing in the Christian God was as heinous as murder and all ‘sins’ would be judged equally.

I told him I had my own belief system and if God can’t differentiate between someone like Hitler and a good person who isn’t a believer then he isn’t a God of love but rather a totalitarian tyrant who has more human tendencies than divine. Either way, if he acts as such he will be no God of mine.

I also quoted Mark Twain, you know, just for fun.

“Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company”

Here is my own quote:

“I’d rather go to hell with the people I like than go to heaven with the people I hate. That would be hell.” -Me

He started quoting scripture as “the truth” which is great, but it’s only truth for a certain group of people. The thing is, the Bible has been defiled over and over throughout history. It’s been added to or had things taken away from and all for the benefit of the government at the time. Most of the changes were made by the Catholic church and we all know that they had their fingers in everything in Europe for centuries. In my opinion, anything holy about it has been defiled by the greedy hands of men long dead. I’m not saying the book isn’t  important, I’m just saying it’s not “as intended” these days. That’s history.

But yeah, he went on about how murder is murder…which didn’t really make sense so I said “You were in the military right? Saw combat. Is what you did back there different than killing someone back here?” and he said “Of course it is. That is in the line of duty” and I said “but murder is murder” and from there things pretty much went circular so I just told him that the conversation was insulting and that I was done. That I had tuned out the second he said that God didn’t differentiate between murder and the non-believing. He kept going. I said the same thing again. He kept going. So I unfriended him. Boring conversation anyway.

Despite having nothing against it, in my mind, Christianity has the potential to get me riled up. It has nothing to do with the faith itself, it has everything to do with the ‘Jesus-Freaks’ that push their religion on others.

Note: In my mind not all Christians are Jesus-Freaks, just the evangelist sorts that keep pushing when a person clearly isn’t interested.

I think one of the reasons why I get so pissed off is because I was very active in the church for 17 years. I even went on a missionary trip to Japan when I was 14. I know that stuff. I chose to leave because it ran counter to my morals. I even felt ashamed when I realized what I was an extension to. Upon leaving I felt very liberated.

I realize that paragraph is insulting. I don’t mean it to be. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t work for me and I’m mindful of history. It’s great if people are Christian but keep it to yourself, I keep mine to myself because most people probably don’t want to hear about it.

Nick’s twin has recently moved back to town and she’s really into church. Nick’s family is pretty Christian. He’s basically Christian but he’s very open to the concept of other religions and jokingly says he’s a Pastafarian.

I don’t think his family is 100% sure that I’m not a Christian…or a Republican. I think they’ve guessed and that’s why there is a certain bullshit tension that is there despite me doing absolutely nothing wrong. Well, besides origin sin.  I get along with his mom but she’s not super Christian or anything, I don’t think. The rest of the family…they’re constantly talking about religion and politics…usually statements I disagree with and I have to keep my mouth shut for the sake of being polite. Sometimes I wonder if its a test but I doubt it. If it is I’ll fail it. I also don’t agree with “faking it until I make it”. If we’re gonna be family why should I pretend?

So I wonder if it will be a big deal to them that their son’s one-day-wife isn’t a Christian and our children won’t be raised in the church unless they want to go. I told Nick that if it’s important for him to have his pastor (that he grew up with) to be at our wedding then I’d be cool with that as long as I can get married in nature, which is sacred to me. I’d want it to be either in an oak grove (which is kinda hard to find around here…well a big enough one) or by the ocean.

The whole ‘evangelist’ thing just frustrates me. It’s like “Oh, if you don’t believe in my thing you’re gonna get punished for all eternity”. It’s a sort of fear/guilt tactic that I don’t agree with. I don’t care if it is in the bible. The bible is only the truth to a set group of people. It doesn’t apply to the rest of us and it should be left at that. If it’s the truth for you then that is wonderful, but it’s not for me. It’s not for many people.

I don’t think any religion has the right answer or the wrong answer. I don’t think there is just one answer. I think we all feel the same thing and we just interpret it differently. Maybe pooled all together we could come up with one decent idea. Who knows?

5 thoughts on “Yet another bad experience

  1. cagey says:

    The majority of those that claim to be Christian.. are not. They have no idea what it means, they just do as they are told. Since Jesus was a Jew, and died a Jew, I don’t think, if alive today, he’d recognize any of them. So don’t worry too much when someone gets all preachy at you, if a G_d exists, know He’s likely facepalming and groaning just as badly as you are.

    Seriously though, I was raised in a Christian family, and am the daughter of a former pastor. Despite this, my views differ drastically from my parents. On the flip side though, my fiance is athiest but we respect eachother’s beliefs. I was rather terrified doing the meet-the-parents thing, especially during the times my dad would get preachy or do a prayer. But he takes it all in stride without complaint. They know his views and that’s okay with them, just as he knows theirs. If you have to hide whom you are, or cannot be respected for whom you are – what’s the point you know? There’s no changing people but you can respectfully agree to disagree. My current hurdle is what to do when I tell them we don’t want to be married in a church. I think the main thing is, it’s okay to challenge when you see hypocrisy, they may seem close-minded sure — but in the end you’ve planted a little seed they will have to think about. And that’s a good thing! Unless of course they are complete crazypants (and that guy was crazypants, murder is murder no matter whom is doing the murdering). 🙂

    • I’m glad there are people like you out there. You at least think for yourself. This guy was actually vehemently refusing to think for himself. Well, you can lead an idiot to logic but you can’t make him think, I guess. Especially when he’s anti-thinking. Apparently that goes against his core beliefs lmao.

      I don’t really think I’m HIDING my beliefs so much as I’m just not trying to start shit with his family by being differently minded. I’m sure my silence and lack of nodding on the subject makes things clear enough though. Which is a shame. I wish things were different.

  2. linnealien says:

    Just a recap for the record: I’ve always appreciated your respect for me. I’m very strong in my beliefs, but I’ve never been shot down by you, even when we disagree. I also recognize that there’s a difference between the way you and I talk and the way you and this other guy talk.

    Sounds to me like he’s just immature in his faith. And immaturity has nothing to do with how long one has believed or the intensity of their belief. The apostle Paul (and everyone else) had to deal with this quite a bit, which is why he wrote so many letters to the early churches. People have this great revelation that they get all fired up about and so they do what any pumped human being does: they spout it out all over the place, regardless of its accuracy. I know I’ve done that a few times. :-/ I’m totally embarrassed about some of the utterly stupid things I’ve said while in such a state.

    Also, (I’m picking up a thing thread here from your post. Admittedly, I’m just looking for an excuse to share this with you.) as for Christian = Republican…well, I just think you might appreciate this:

    • Haha that comic was brilliant!

    • Ah yes, and the thing about the truth is, any truth, is that there are many different versions. I’m convinced there is no real truth, only the perspective of the truth. There are too many variables for the supposedly true things…religious or mundane. That’s why it’s so horrible when someone forces their own brand of truth on others. Realistically they can’t be right, not totally. Hmmm I might write a blog entry on the truth concept later lol.

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