Undeniable Stress.

Well, it’s official: 95% of all people frustrate and anger me. 75% of that number are too stupid to even bother having a conversation with. It’s difficult to find relief when you feel penned in by ignorance on all sides.

I’m stressed out all the time and even though I’ve tried a million things nothing helps. Meditation, exercise, cutting fuckers out of my life, a proper diet, focusing on hobbies, going off the grid. Pills. Nothing.

Even at times when nothing is wrong and nothing should be stressing it out I feel the same way.

My muscles are cramped and aching all the time and that gives way to more stress and head aches. When I sleep I have nightmares. My brain feels the way it always does because of epilepsy, and that is no picnic.

It’s not all bad, I have some wonderful people and things in my life whom I wouldn’t trade for all the world and I’m very lucky and grateful to have them. It’s just that I’m aching for something to fix my body and my mind and there is no relief.


3 thoughts on “Undeniable Stress.

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I hope you can find some relief for the epilepsy symptoms. I won’t lie and say that the nightmare go away, but you just learn to accept them. For the rest of it, you have to learn to ignore people or you will be mad all the time. It’s no fun.

  2. Try naturopathic remedies, from a women’s clinic. Most mainstream physicians don’t really have a clue about neurological issues.

  3. linnealien says:

    Sometimes, I wish we weren’t many hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, I wish I could just hug you and make you a tasty dessert, pop in some Futurama, and laugh at silliness. Or let you cry and tell you that I understand (in the times when that would be true) and have a nice long talk about these things. Whichever the situation would call for in that moment, I sometimes wish that I could just be there. Instead, I can only offer a wordy wish. 😦

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