Defensive Sexism

So there has been this long topic going on in my friend’s Facebook. His stance is that feminists are man-haters who only want to lift women up by attempting to demonize men. Myself and another woman made points that those feminists are not feminists at all and that they, themselves, are sexist, but mistakenly think themselves justified because of history and certain current events. A lot of people chimed in, the women mostly agreeing with me and the aforementioned woman and the majority of men agreeing with my friend. A friend of his was particularly defensive and frankly got a little nasty in his endeavor to find a hole in my argument. I’ll spare you the 30+ replies and just skip to the part where he attempted to jump all over me. I’m sure it will be an on going conversation.



2 thoughts on “Defensive Sexism

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I don’t think some people will every get it. They can only see things from their ow view point. Also it is the most vocal feminist that are being heard, and unfortunately, those are the ones that come off as wanting to surpress anything “male”.

    • It’s the whole “one bad apple spoils the bunch” thing. What bothers me is that some people don’t WANT to get it. It’s easier for them to shove us into a box that all of us don’t necessarily fit in. I don’t fit into a box that’s marked “MAN HATER”.

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