This comic irks me.

This comic irks me.

This comic irks me. The over all message is good but I think he’s been misunderstood. He probably means that everyone should have equal rights and be treated the same in THAT regard. Not that they are all literally the same. Probably wants to see all people treated with respect rather than prejudice. He probably just phrased it badly. I’m not willing to be overly emotional just because he mistakenly phrased it as a blanket statement. I know this because people have jumped my shit because of how I phrased it.

2 thoughts on “This comic irks me.

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I saw this on Facebook. I agree with you that he probably means equal rights, but I agree with the comic. If you mean equal rights, say equal rights, but arguing semantics is silly.

    • It is silly but I had a bone to pick with it anyway. Many, many people phrase things badly either because of a lack of foresight, ignorance, lack of vocabulary or other things. I think it’s up to mature people to glean what they REALLY mean instead of trying to humiliate people in a comic like this.

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