Injustice for Rebecca Sedwick

So one of the girls who bullied a girl until she killed herself has been cleared of cyberbullying. Furthermore she insisted that she didn’t “do anything wrong”…yeah, she only tormented a girl until she felt she had no other way out than to kill herself. Why not send them to juvenile hall? Make an example of cyberbullies? From my experience teen girls are some of the most viscous people out there and go to extreme lengths to take down the people they hate. Their efforts to take down a peer makes congressman sandbagging presidents look peaceful in comparison. I’ve lost two jobs thanks to the lies of 14 year old girls…and I have no idea why they did it to this day. Probably just to do it. In middle school and high school I was severely bullied and even jumped by a bunch of 14 year old girls when I was in the 8th grade. Girls I didn’t know. One girl I knew only because she confronted me one day and claimed that I said we looked similar and I, at the time, had no idea who she was and hadn’t seen her before. It turns out someone else told her that because we were one of the few white kids in school. Racism. Luckily it was in a pool so it was harder for them to beat me up. I was able to get away. I digress.

Girls bullying girls has always been an issue but with social media it’s gone to new heights and it’s just getting worse and worse. The thing about social media is that it’s hard to stop it. You can block them but they can just make another account. You can tell their parents but they’ll just deny it and make up lies about YOU and then torment you twice as hard. You can tell the school and they’ll try to put a stop to it but it won’t work and then they’ll, again, bully you twice as hard. You can’t really DO anything. I tried standing up to bullies, it didn’t work. Fighting them physically wouldn’t have worked. There isn’t a whole lot you can do, to be honest. I think the answer lies with other peers knowing what is going on and stepping up to the bullies. The less support that they know they have the less likely they are to openly torment. However this doesn’t happen very often. I did it once…this tiny kid in the 8th grade had his basketball taken from a bully (the most popular kid in school) and was trying to get him to do all this embarrassing stuff to try and get it back so I called out to him and told him to stop bullying the kid and give him back his ball. He sheepishly did so but then all his girl friends started tormenting me as well…another reason why people don’t help the bullied. Fear of being bullied themselves. 

It’s is so hard to deal with bullies because they seem invincible and they feel invincible.  

That is why the law should make an example of them. Send them to juvenile hall for a few years. These girls get to live out their lives (although they may be social pariahs now, which isn’t justice by a long shot) while the other girl, doesn’t. It won’t matter that they have to go to anti-bullying shit and receive counseling. It’s not good enough. I get that she’s a child but it’s children that are the problem. Juvenile hall for her involvement of the mental torture of another human being. 

The thing about bullying when you’re a child (and perhaps in general) isn’t just the constant stream of verbal or physical abuse it’s the psychological damage. They believe there is no way out and worse…they start to believe those horrible things about themselves. I think that’s what that poor girl believed. 

One thought on “Injustice for Rebecca Sedwick

  1. Chris says:

    I agree with you something should be done about bullies, but what and how are where the problem lies. The problem lies both inside and outside the bully. Bullies are wounded individuals and their wounds frequently come from those closest to them and sending them to juvenile hall or some other horrible place will only make the problem worse and improve the ability of the bully in the long run.

    If you look beyond the individual you see another problem. Bullies are generally someone who is being bullied. They hurt others to feel better about themselves. They are also unable to see their problem because that is how they were taught to relate to others. My feeling it is the parents or other influential persons in the child’s life that need counseling or maybe even punishment, but that too will have negative ramifications.

    I wish I had a solution. The problem is fear and how we deal with it. The perpetrators of such acts are hurt and afraid and their parents or guardians are at a minimum in denial of the problem or part of the problem. Education and understanding is the key, with turning a blind eye combined with ones own unresolved issues and fear blocking the way to mitigating the problem.

    Thank you for your for your blog post. Bullying is a difficult problem at all levels and ages of life.

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