It mostly-definitely-probably is adding to my fear of walking home alone after work.


•In case you didn’t know: News for prowler seen around Sandercock in SLO CA”

•Cal Coast News:
Police searching for prowler roaming SLO neighborhood

•The San Luis Obispo Tribune – 2 days ago
San Luis Obispo police are warning residents that a prowler or prowlers … of Broad and Sandercock streets near Hawthorne Elementary School. … is near Hawthorne Elementary School, reported seeing a prowler after dark.

THIS is the neighborhood I live in. I think I have a reasonable enough fear of walking home at night now. Not that I have to do that much because we have the car working now. However when there are work conflicts…that is why we got me the pepper spray and pocketknife and ginger rage.

The thing is…this is a NICE middle class neighborhood. The problem is that we’re blocks from downtown SLO AND the big bus stop where all the homeless people usually congregate. I’d imagine that at any given time during the night one might hear the zombie-like shuffle of homeless people or the brutish howling of the frat boys coming home from the bar.

I spoke to a cop a week or so ago at work because a homeless man was caught with a lot of mac computers that were clearly not his. He mentioned that there had been a lot of thefts around the area particularly High Street. He said nothing so far as that but there have been a rush of homeless people walking around the general neighborhood checking door handles to see if they were locked or not. SLO isn’t really a dangerous city. As safe as a city of 40k people can be anyway. SLO is one of those places where you COULD leave your door unlocked and it would mostly definitely probably be fine. You’d tell a friend “It’s safe enough but I’d lock your door anyway”

It just makes me…I dunno….sad

6 thoughts on “It mostly-definitely-probably is adding to my fear of walking home alone after work.

  1. autumnstrength says:

    Is that the proper pepper spray the police carry? I’d love some of that stuff for warning off aggressive dogs.

  2. It’s like that even here, even in gated communities. The homeless can find their way into any neighbourhood. Most just want enough to eat and a reasonable shelter. Those who feel entitled, though, have no respect for others. Stay safe and well.

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