A good hearted bitch.

I’ve come to the realization that people think I’m an opinionated bitch. The difference between me and the people I disagree with is that my opinions are backed up by facts. I have, on a few occasions actually changed my opinion when people have presented facts or an insight that is more correct than my own. I rarely if ever attack someone for disagreeing with me though I will discuss it with them.

I may be a bitch but I’m also the first to offer help and advice. I’m the first to give money if I can spare it, or even if I can’t.

My fault, if it’s considered one and it apparently is, is that I’m really, really honest.

If I am amused by what a stranger is doing or wearing I’m not really judging them as a person because I couldn’t possible know. I’m commenting on the situation and I’m actually enjoying the variety that life offers in humans.

So there you have it. I’m an honest, giving person with a sense of humor. And a bitch. Little wonder that I don’t have many friends. Apparently I’m a contradiction.


2 thoughts on “A good hearted bitch.

  1. I don’t view you as a bitch. People who are up front with their opinions are generally more trustworthy than others. Keep speaking out.

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