What makes you think that I want to play again?
Jump in line and keep my head down
March in time to your drum line
You can’t make me dance to your tune anymore…

You’d push and you’d pull.
You’d shove and then lean.
But not in the right way, no.
It was the same thing all the time.
…And I can’t survive it.

Didn’t you know it was killing me?
To see your moods change so rapidly?
It was more than I could take.
I’d take a hit and ask for more.
Never more.

You’re coming back again
If I was to play your game
How long until you’d push me away?

I can’t play along with that insanity
Let me heal. Let me be me.
It’s impossible for me to tell
Who you’ll tell me to be that day

You’re passive and then you’re aggressive
I can’t love you anymore. Believe me, I want to.
You keep changing and I can’t handle it anymore.

Will you think me cruel now?
Will you call me heartless?
Just because my game piece is off the board?

How does it feel to be the victim this time?
This glass floor has shattered
Now fall into the abyss
Swim for your life
Because I’m not there to grab your hand
This is how it feels when your heart breaks.
This is my life.

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