Psycho Roommate…

That annoying moment when your suspicions that your roommate is completely crazy are confirmed. Last night’s incident was to wait until she heard the toilet flush to barge in and yell at me that the door is always closed. Then she claims that Nick is “living here” because he’s over here like 1-2 hours a day and sleeps over on his days off (two days a week) which is hardly living there. He doesn’t even like to be over there in the first place.

I think she kept trying to get me to challenge her. She’d ask me a question and before I even finished forming the first word she’d make this “ahhp” sound to cut me off.

“Don’t you think it’s like he lives here?”



Honestly, she could do worse than me. I’m clean, never leave dishes in the sink, my laundry never stays in the washer/dryer long and the dog poop gets cleaned up every day or every other day.

The last thing she said was “Just so you know I’m not going on my spring break anymore so there goes having him over”

Who the fuck does she think she is? My mother? I’m 27 years old. Besides, Nick is always perfectly behaved.

She has this weird thing that it pisses her off if she actually has to open a door so she gets mad every time one that isn’t mine , like the back door or bathroom door, is closed. I’ve stopped doing it since my second day but insists it’s “all the time” and actually hissed that at me.

I need to GTFO ASAP.

2 thoughts on “Psycho Roommate…

  1. Yep, it’s time to roll.

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