Beauty is just such a sensitive subject for women. We have been conditioned –both by men and by ourselves– to be perfect. Beauty is how we traditionally competed for mates…especially when we weren’t allowed to be educated or have many rights. It was the best way to have more options to get a husband, which in turn provides a better life for her and her children.

I believe the stigma of thinking they have to look like Aphrodite and being crushed if they have any human flaw, is something that is still a huge problem in “female society”

You know, bitchy girls in high school bully other girls frequently because of beauty. They’re trying to dominate the other girls. 

Oh, and these may even be at a biological level: When a group of girls/women spend a lot of time together their menstruation cycles will adjust to be on the “dominant” female’s. Every time one of my girl friend’s (as rare as they may be) tells me her period has changed (and it happens to be when mine is) I always think “FUCK YEAH! DOMINANT FEMALE!” but as a joke lol. More making fun of weird information.


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. autumnstrength says:

    It could all be changed quite easily within a couple of generations, if women wanted it to. If young boys and girls grew up seeing all the women around them without any make up on, with blemished, imperfect skin, with leg hair and arm pit hair, full pubes, and more often wearing comfortable, functional clothing rather than tight, skimpy, revealing clothes, they would accept it as the norm, and girls would stop judging each other on silly bullshit and boys would grow up to find women naturally attractive and sexy, because people find sexy and attractive and develop sexual fetishes for, what they grew up seeing. And all these problems would disappear. Women have the power to fix this problem, but they continue to do the opposite. You can’t blame this on men any more. Men just find sexy what they see at puberty. Change that and you’ll solve the problem.

  2. I have reached the point where every woman has some kind of beauty. I always have favoured “cute”, over “glamourous”, and personality over mere appearance. On the other hand, growing hair on one’s legs and armpits is NOT the high water mark of personal independence, any more than growing a beard is, for a man.

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