Some guy told me my father was “better off dead” because he was an addict.

Non-existance will have that effect. I have always maintained those that lack the strength to fight their addiction are better off dead. Not because I wish them ill or anything so petty–but because it is the only way their suffering will end.”

What a douche right? I mean, that’s beyond douche-baggery. That’s just…cruel…it’s evil…most of all it deserves a swift kick in the junk and I’m sorry he lives in a different country because SOMEONE needs to do it.

Here is the private conversation:


I want you to know exactly why you were unfriended.

1.) You cause 90% of the drama on my Facebook. You are combative and angry. That is very hard to deal with.

2.) You disrespected me by saying my father was better off dead because he was an addict. What in the world made you think that was an okay thing to say? Especially to a friend! That crossed the line. No more.

3.) You continually use the words ‘faggot’ and ‘homo’. I realize -YOU- don’t mean it in a homophobic way but that doesn’t make it any less angry.

4.) People complain to me frequently about your behavior problems on my Facebook. And no, it wasn’t just the people you argue with. People don’t enjoy reading that shit and thinking that you just troll people.

I’ve tried dude, really, I know you considered me a calming influence so I looked the other way. Saying that about my father, regardless of your opinion, is completely inappropriate, disrespectful and cruel. It hurt. You said it for no reason other than anger. You are angry. Your anger is hurting others and it just cost you this friendship.

You’ll have to convince me you’ve changed before I ever consider being your friend again.


My vernacular will never change–suppressing who I am for others is not in the cards. Takecare.


So I guess trying to make yourself a better person isn’t something you want to do. Prepare to lose many more people if you don’t change your cruelty. I think you and I both know it’s not just about your vernacular. If that will help you feel better then go for it. To be clear: it was your cruelty and disrespect for me that lead to this. What’s more, it never even occurred to you to fucking apologize for hurting me.You’ve completely changed my opinion of you. I never knew you at all.


Ths is acceptable to me. I want to know that those that walk beside me are as impervious to words as I am. If words offend then a person is weak..simple as. As for hurting you–regrettable, but a product of us not being compatible.


So you can’t even apologize because you’re that defensive about yourself? That’s really sad man. I hope someday you can find a way to deal with your problems in a more constructive way. I hope someday you become a happier person. Goodbye.


Nothing defensive about it. It is my stance on addicts andit will never change. People like my brother will never get better–as such they are better off in death where they will no longer suffer or cause problems for others.

Mak sure you secure your ff14 account with a new password. the accont associated with my visa was compromised by the heart bleed bug tbis morning. only found out a few minutez ago aftef cheking my email.

No. You’re missing the point. YOU SEVERELY LACK SOCIAL SKILLS BY EVEN THINKING ITS OKAY TO SAY THAT TO SOMEONE ABOUT THEIR DAD! I mean, did you spend your life under a rock reading “How to a be a dick for dummys” or something? I mean, it’s so mind blowing-ly stupid and cruel I didn’t even expect it from YOU. But I was wrong. I realize now you get off on it more than sex could ever satisfy you. If I was wrong about it you wouldn’t do this shit ALL THE TIME. EVERYDAY.

If you think my dad is better off dead than FINE but you don’t say that shit a day after someone’s father has died. I have lost all of the respect I ever had for you. It’s cool that you brought up what you bought me and Nick to try and make me feel bad though. That would have worked if you HADN’T said that shit about my one and only father.

This is what you can’t seem to get through your skull. IT’S NEVER OKAY TO SAY THAT TO SOMEONE. All that matters to you is acting anyway you feel like it. Like you’re a teenager or something. You never gave a DAMN about me. if you ever did you’d try to muster up some compassion instead of telling me my father was better off dead.

Seriously, I have so many insults I want to direct towards you it’s not even funny. However, unlike you I have a semblance of social skills and I don’t feel like making your self esteem lower any more than it already is.

So Mr.Noble Peace Prize Winner, let me illustrate for you the cruel manner in which my father died. Let you laugh at it then.

Brian Eugene Gilleo was severely abused by his father, who was also a sexual deviant. He escaped home when he was 15 and never looked back. He was so fucked up the only solace he found was in alcohol but he wasn’t a heavy drug user yet. He met my mother and everything was fine for awhile but he started drinking more and more and after he met his current girlfriend he started getting into meth and that was when she took him from me forever and denied me a father by keeping him constantly addicted to drugs. Every time he tried to clean up she’d pull some shit to make him devote his time to her and making her happy. Doing drugs with her was the only thing that made her really happy. You know how addicts like to keep other addicts around to validate their life style. She made sure that she manipulated him into only caring about her. He did the best he knew how to do.

So yes, my father’s death. Let me illustrate it for you.

He was diagnosed with stage three cancer six weeks before he died, but by the time he died it had progressed to stage four. Of course he had it for awhile but he didn’t go to the doctor until it really started to hurt. By the time he died he looked exactly like a holocaust victim. Even I, with my small hands, could completely grasp his bicep until my finger tips touched on the other side. He literally wasted away to nothing. That is agony. Can you imagine what that’s like? To see your father look like a skeleton with parchment like skin and rumey eyes that were clouded with pain 24/7?

So he goes into the radiation and a few hours later he’s throwing up copious amounts of blood on the side lawn as he stumbles out of his trailer looking for help. He collapses on the grass and gasps for help. Suzy see’s him and takes him to the hospital.

He continues to cough up blood and slips into a coma and is declared brain dead. After 20 minutes of CPR a doctor tells the family that there isn’t a point in continuing CPR and that they need to decide if it was time to pull the plug.

You didn’t even KNOW HIM and you say he’s better off dead. You don’t deserve a friend like me. You don’t deserve friends. You don’t deserve your girlfriend, you don’t deserve anything social. Allow me to give you the cruelty you deserve, because you believe in tit-for-tat after all.

You’re better off living under your rock and not speaking to anyone ever again. Honestly, fuck you for saying that shit just because you want to act like a spoiled child (six year old mentality you got there, grow the fuck up) and say whatever the fuck you want because it boosts your barely there self esteem. I can see why you have low self esteem if you treat people that way. You certainly won’t find anyone that is interested in helping someone as cruel as yourself. I’ve put up with your shit for a very long time and I am completely done with you and no longer care about you in any way, sense, or form.

If you ever contact me again. Even to argue this, I will report your Facebook. You don’t deserve to know me.


Facebook will do nothing to me. They will see it is a malicious report and nothing will happen. Either way. Take care, and don’t forget to change your password on your ff14 account.


I warned you.

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(Even Bilbo thinks he’s an asshole, and he’s nice to everyone!)



4 thoughts on “Some guy told me my father was “better off dead” because he was an addict.

  1. What a fucking douche. I’m glad I didn’t see his comment, though I have an inkling and an idea of who it might be (Canadian douche).

    My father is a drug addict. I’m saying “is” because my relatives thinks he still does it. It deteriorated his health and worsened his diabetes. He’s lost most of his teeth and his eye sight is blurry. He has nerve pains on his body.

    Being a drug addict is not one of his worst qualities. It just exacerbated his underlying character.

    Nevertheless, I just hope he would straighten himself on a clean path. I would fuck someone up if they wish ill will of him like that douchebag who thinks a farewell caveat of changing FF14 password is enough consolation for saying that about your father. Fucking anti-social moron. GAH!!!

    • Yep, you’re right. That asshole. I never wanted him around, I just felt sorry for him because it seemed like I was the only non-dick in his life. Well, leave him to all the dicks lol.

      I’m sorry you have to deal with the same thing I did. You can tell him my story and see if that scares him off but with addicts you can never really tell. You can certainly tell him that if he keeps on that path he’ll end up looking like a mummy like my dad.

  2. I have just lost a young friend who was also an addict. His parents loved him, his brothers loved him, his girlfriend loved him. We all did. Only the Creator decides who is better off dead. My condolences again, Saoirse. ❤

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