“Wrought” – Peratus

I’m alone with all the monsters in my head.
They say to me “You won’t choose life over death.”
Insane attraction causes stillness in my mind.
Only a fraction of the things left to find.

Oh, without you, I’m all alone.
I see right through strong intentions let undone.

I can’t control my -so- impulsive frame of mind.
I feel the reigns, the bridle, jerk my head in line.
I wanna scream!
I wanna kill!
I wanna shout!

I choke it back and take a punch right in the mouth.

I see right through strong intentions left and gone.

I take a breath from that toxic state of mind.
And fight the urge to disappear into the night.
And by my side I see a monster on my wing.
He drives me on!
He keeps me safe!
He makes me see!

That, without you, all alone…

I see right through strong intentions let undone.

I cannot take this on my own.
There is no excitement.
You’d rather see me rot alone.
Instead I suffer here for -THIS-!?
You see me…

I’m pleading with you stop my bleeding.
You see me…



2 thoughts on ““Wrought” – Peratus

  1. I would stop your bleeding. No one deserves to suffer so. Hope they wake up.

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ you know, even if they do it might be too late. I think all I’d say is “I appreciate the sentiment but you’re (4+years) too late. Stay away from me and my family. Ask Nick if you disagree, he’ll tell you the same.” And leave/shut door/back flip home or whatever.

      MOST of it is about money…if they come around at all it would be because of that. His family is coo-coo for it. I’m about to make more than anyone in his family when my school opens at the end of August. His sister drunkey told Nick that I wasn’t good enough for him and if the school opens she’ll apologize to me. Of course that was spoken with a “that’ll be the day” tone.

      I can imagine doing the Family Guy Death sarcastic laugh “ahahahahahaha. Wait! I’m not done holding my sides! Ahahahahahaha omg I can’t breathe!!!! Hahahahahahahaha. You are too funny!!! No.” /slam door while laughing loudly some more. In reality I know that won’t happen. I’m not that mean. I’m entitled to my fantasies though, right?

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