That epic moment…

When you allow yourself to hate your lover’s family…because he does too. It’s finally okay. I’ve tried to like them but I dislike them. Especially his twin sister who has been nothing but hostile to me. The whole time she talks she makes sure it’s just enough about me to hurt me but vague enough to keep me from calling her out.

Well. I feel the same as Nick. They aren’t going to be part of our wedding or part of our children’s lives. Nick doesn’t really think I should accept their apologies, if they ever make them, when I suddenly make more than all of them in two months time.

I don’t think I will. I’ll just say that their bitterness with their own lives kept them from accepting the one person that ever showed him the love and respect that he deserves.

So it appears that Nick’s sisters are trying to talk Nick out of proposing to me because he can “do better” than me. Nick refuses to speak to them. If they were richer they’d probably be willing to cut him a check to break up with me.


The mother is perhaps the worst of the bunch. She have me this big speech about how I’ll be part of te family as long as her son loves me. Now this. Fucking two-faced…

I’m supposed to be working on not caring, for Nick. You know they are going to think I took him away on purpose but in truth Nick has been waiting to do this since middle school and now they are trying to ruin everything that makes him happy. It’s so selfish of them. They also don’t have room to talk with their relationship track records.

After all that BS I’m unwilling to work with any of them about anything. They can speak to Nick, assuming he ever wants to speak to them. I don’t think they even realize how badly they fucked up by trashing me to Nick. We adore each other.

4 thoughts on “That epic moment…

  1. You are probably the best things that ever happened to one another.

    • 🙂 I think so too. Ive never been so in sync with someone. Lucky guy…got his soul mate on the first try, the jerk. :-p Then again I suppose it equals out because he had to wait until he was 25.

  2. I’m sorry his family is that way. I can relate. My boyfriend’s family doesn’t like me and many times tried to break up my boyfriend and I.

    You would think as long as the son/daughter is happy, the family would be happy. But it seems that it’s not always that way.

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