Realize that you are conditioned to hate.

I wish more people -deeply- believed in the concept of ‘live and let live’

Just because you disagree with someone’s lifestyle doesn’t mean you have the right to dominate it or destroy it. When you allow yourself to believe that you are better than the followers of Islam, or the gay couple down the street or the mixed race kids that attend your kid’s school then you allow the government (in any country) to come in and manipulate you should your discrimination ever serve their causes. Remember that. You are responsible for creating your own weakness. Weaknesses that allow you to be manipulated because of your hate.

If you learn to live and let live so many of the world’s conflicts would flounder. Corrupt governments, terrorist organizations, religious fundamentalists, bigots and general assholes would have to come clean: That it’s all a ruse in order to meet their ultimate goals, whatever they may be. The people would wake up, realize that they’ve been manipulated and decide for themselves if all this hate is worth it. If it’s worth believing you are right above all things.

If you sit down with any of these people labeled as “different” you find out that they aren’t that different. Whatever you do, where ever you go people are people. They work hard, they love their families and dream of a better life. They laugh, learn, cry and grow. We all do that. I believe that there will always more that can unite us than divide us as long as we start being real about our intentions.

Think about your discrimination. Did anyone teach you to be this way? Do your parents hate Mexicans? Do you believe women are beneath men? Most hate is taught. You are taught that these people are bad because they are different from you. They aren’t this race or this gender. They aren’t this political faction or a citizen of that country or a follower or that religion. Look to your parents and your friends. Think about their hate and what causes it. Perhaps consider that you’ve been conditioned to think this way because it is beneficial to someone else. Hate allows you to become a puppet. A slave.

Learn to see that everything is connected. Everything has a pattern. Find it.

One thought on “Realize that you are conditioned to hate.

  1. I was lucky to have been taught by my parents that every person deserves a fair shake. It’s made shedding the baggage from the rest of society so much easier.

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