Citizens of the World


I know a lot of people consider their cultures to be personal and uniquely theirs and that is totally fine and they should fell that way. It IS theirs. It DOES define who they are, as it should.



I, personally, believe in humanity first. To me it’s human heritage. As a human it is my right to be as proud of the achievements of my ethnic group as well as being proud of other culture’s accomplishments like the Great Wall of China, the Easter Island Heads or the Pantheon. My direct ancestors may never have helped with these testaments to ancient humanity due to geographic location but at the same time we all came from Africa in the beginning so in a way. So if you think about it, all of us are related in some way and in that way these accomplishments are all of yours.


I invite you to visit Brú na Bóinne, built by my ancient people, a sacred structure built by hand thousands of years before the great pyramids of Egypt. I invite you to sit on the verdant lawn and soak up the incredibly sacred essence of the place. I invite you to lay your hand on American feats of engineering and architecture from the early 20th century and feel their strength and power. Take it with you. Please invite me to share in the strength, beauty and spirituality of your people’s accomplishments and feel their power.

For we are all one. We are all human. You only have to believe it.

Be human with me. Live with me. Love with me.


One thought on “Citizens of the World

  1. “The Earth is but one country, and Mankind its citizens”- Baha’ullah
    The above confirms what I’ve believed all my life, as does your post. All corners of the world offer prizes of great value, and so it is with ancient and modern, alike.

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