Boudica – By Zoe Donnelly

Simply Saoirse

My short story about a warrior queen. What do you guys think?

**Note** This is only the first draft and no corrections of any kind have been made**

“I was whipped by the Romans when they tried to take our lands — and now I am fighting for my freedom. Think how many of us are fighting and why. We must win this battle or die. Let the men live as slaves if they want. I will not!”

— Boudicca’s last speech, as recorded by Dio Cassiu

The Past/State of Mind/Justification/Retribution – CE 62

Bouddica, the queen of the Iceni, inspected her army of 100,000 Albion Celts. She had already achieved overwhelming victories against the Roman invaders at Londinium, Camulodunum, and Verulamium. She still remembered the screams of the noble women as they were tortured to death in front of her at Londinium and the shrieks of Roman children as…

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