Brad Pitt as Bob Marley


I saw this post on a friend of mine’s Facebook. Before people freak out you guys should know that THIS IS A FAKE. Now for my thoughts!

I dunno, it’s one thing to use an actor other than a white person in traditionally European myths because they are MYTHS. It’s open to artistic interpretation. Though I originally found this to be strange on my first reaction in cinema, within a few minutes I was really happy with the director’s casting choice. I support multiculturalism in the media because it helps create a “We’re all very different yet the same” POSITIVE stigma in the world…well, that word can’t be used in a positive way, but whatever. Having great actors in non-traditional roles is very important for acceptance though.

On the other hand, using a white person as a historically black figure is, to me, wrong, even if Marley was half white himself. Many people would consider it to be “black face”

….On the subject of Brad Pitt…I think he only works BECAUSE Marley was half British. He had some of the finer bone structures common among Caucasians. Brad Pitt is good looking and famous, which helps too.

Strangely, it’s sometimes acceptable to allow a white actor to play a black person. My example is Robert Downey Jr’s role in Tropic Thunder. That was more of a movie costume art masterpiece; rather than simply panting his face black with paint and parading him around in a degrading stereotypical manner. However, I think the only reason why Downey’s character was accepted was because they had an -actual- African American to pick on him about it the entire movie, therefore addressing the issue of whites in “black face.”


“YOU’RE AUSTRALIAN! BE AUSTRALIAN! Excuse me, Crocodile Dundee.” *Kangaroo hops away*


This isn’t limited to African Americans. Native Americans were negatively portrayed (by stereotype, of course) in The Lone Ranger too. Tonto’s name even means “Fool” in Spanish! He wasn’t even played by a real Native American…he was played by a bald Irish-American named John Todd who was more adept at Shakespearean roles than accurately portraying Native American culture. Obviously, if this was a real goal they never would have chosen the whitest of white people to play Tonto.

Brad Pitt does look decent in a traditional Jamaican male hairstyle but unlike with white people, their hairstyle is sacred as they get lifted to heaven by their dreadlocks. I’ve read a few times that some Jamaicans are offended by other races wearing dreadlocked hair styles. When we see it on white people we almost always think “Surfer” or “Pot head” or both.
whitedreads sc33

One thought on “Brad Pitt as Bob Marley

  1. The wonders of photoshop, and other contrivances. God helps those who ARE themselves.

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