Threats, sexual harassment, exclusion and bullying for female gamers

She’s not the first either. Nor will she be the last. Feminism aside, women have gotten death threats (some of them actually carried out) every time they try to step outside of the home. It’s not a few men it’s A LOT of men. Men deny it but it’s still as true and prevalent as it was during the suffrage days. Why didn’t they hunt down the people who made threatening posts online? That’s what they do in WoW every time someone threatens to kill or hurt someone IRL. Why wasn’t this done? These people don’t give a shit. Every post should have been sent to the cops.

Ask any girl gamer and she’ll have a few harassment stories. It doesn’t have to be sexual either. Men seem to have a very firm opinion on where women should and shouldn’t be. It’s like these areas are women-free zones. Like a men’s bathroom. The worst part about this whole thing is that men are LAUGHING at this. They think it’s FUNNY. They think she’s a coward because she wouldn’t risk her life. Like they would. These men are vile and should be put in jail. The ones that threaten violence deserve to be castrated for perpetuating something that has been going on forever. They don’t deserve to give birth to daughters. Our sex is too good for those men.

Their extremism views are akin to that of Westborough…except there are more of these fucks than members of the Westborough church and it’s world wide. There are thousands if not millions of sexist gamers world wide.

Do you see why I’m up in arms about this now? Most of us won’t fall to physical harm of course, but no one should have to face such rampant threats, harassment and just straight up bullying because they like to play video games.

Think of the stereotypes female gamers have:
• They’re bad players
• They are either supremely beautiful because they game or fat and ugly and so they game because they can’t get a man.

Even in game women are judged by their physical appearance — even if the player on the other side of the screen hasn’t seen her! Even in a virtual world we can’t avoid real world discrimination. Do you know what that feels like?


One thought on “Threats, sexual harassment, exclusion and bullying for female gamers

  1. Those men are the true cowards. Hiding in a virtual para-universe, whilst spewing venom, is not the stuff of fortitude. I hope she does see fit to give a talk someday soon.

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