Well, shit.

It appears that I’ve been losing my battle (and I didn’t even know it was a battle until I was told so) with an in-game sexism discussion in my guild. I ran out of WoW time on Tuesday and can’t re-up until tonight…so in the mean time the guys who disagree with me have mocked my Facebook saying #killallmen when I speak about equal rights on my Facebook (even if it doesn’t concern the female sex at ALL) and “blame the patriarchy” has been seen floating around too, posted by one of them, and again, it didn’t have anything to do with gender. They’re actively trying to twist everything I say to appear femi-nazi instead of just simple equalality. Half of my argument was that most men I know AREN’T sexist…but that there IS still a problem that needs to be addressed. This has some how turned into that I hate men and want to see them subservient to women. Anyone that knows me would laugh. I prefer the company of men. I have only a handful of female friends because I can’t stand being around most women. If I hated men so much why would I make such an effort to have more male friends in my life than women? Instead they’ve been running around trying to make me into the type of femi-nazi man-haters they think all feminists are and they’re trying to get others to think that of ME. UGH! SO STUPID. So FOOLISH.

These two guys had the better part of a week to get people on their sides. I wasn’t even aware it was such a big deal until a day or so ago. I’ve been decried as a man hater. The women have only heard their words so they side with them. So far as I’m aware the women haven’t read what they said but were willing to listen to what they said they said and what they said I said. I want to scream. That doesn’t solve anything though. I have to calm down and think this through. I’m not going through guild drama again. I told the GM as much. I also said that I offer my resignation (lol, I know it sounds like a job)and I should hope that by now he knows I mean it. I’m not one of those women who throws fits and gquits and then slinks back in a few hours later acting like nothing happened. I’ve only quit ONCE and it was for over a year and I didn’t come back until I was begged to come back. I was the one who asked to come back, not the other way around.

I don’t want to leave. I like the people there now. But if they’ve been swayed by simple hear-say…they weren’t ever really friends. I’ll see the extent of the damage tonight and then I’ll make a decision. I told another officer, this time a woman, that I planned to leave. It’s a Facebook PM so I don’t have anything yet.

I view it like this:

•These two guys are bigoted by their fear…fine. That’s why they’re trying to blow it out of proportion.
•I can’t control their behavior but I can control mine.
•I can’t control what people think so it’s pointless to try.

So what can I possibly do? If these people judge me they weren’t my real friends to begin with but…

well, at least I have a job interview today to make me happy. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Well, shit.

  1. The people, regardless of gender, who excuse abuse of others, are hardly worthy of being called “friend”. I had a similar experience online, after the Santa Barbara shootings, when someone tried to twist the situation around and accused me,and others who defended the victims, of being closet misogynists. The wicked among us are most insidious these days.

  2. philpalm says:

    It is strange that some people who dish out dirt will not be able to take the same dirt……

    Good luck in resolving the mischief that these uncaring folks have done.

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