I haven’t updated in a bit but here is the jist of it.

1.) I’m back in my old guild

I wouldn’t let it go. I can be like a terrier in that way. Especially when something undoubtedly wrong was committed. Acandria, the wanna-be officer (he’s like assistant officer, really) took his liberties with my characters when I left. I quit on my first toon and he kicked the rest of the toons as quickly as he could. I couldn’t even get to them. He had a field day with it. He’s always hated me and I know he just wanted to feel like he kicked me. It would make him feel like a big man to get rid of a person he hated. I asked him what his problem was a few weeks later (I had gone to a different server and was making friends trying to distract myself, but it didn’t work) and I…well, I wouldn’t say demand…but…close…well, I demanded something be done, even if I didn’t come back. I just can’t let someone do something that fucked up to someone…even if it’s me! Acandria, true coward that he is, had blocked me on everything so I couldn’t confront him about it — including Facebook. Ugh, weak men make me sick.

Well, I spoke to the GM, who is a personal friend of mine and after a certain amount of diligence on my part I finally got my Gm to make him allow me to send him a message. It goes as follows:

We don’t need to argue about what you did. I just want you to tell me why. We both know it wasn’t because you wanted to avoid drama. I expressed on that facebook post that I desired no drama and would prefer it if I was left alone and I would do the same to TC. When I left I didn’t say anything in guild chat. The last I left I didn’t say anything but goodbye. You know that’s true. I have never had any drama on the scale to tries to prevent so I don’t believe that excuse. It’s because you dislike me.

I feel like you tried to beat me to my toons because you were happy I left…because you’ve always disliked me and got a bit over zealous about it. I don’t care if you do dislike me because, it’s mutual. I have the basic respect for people to –NOT– do that to you if I was in your shoes. I wouldn’t have tried to intentionally humiliate you like you seem to have wanted to do to me. To say that you kicked me. Or to at least feel like you did when you really didn’t. I really feel as if you’ve fostered your dislike of me to such an extent.

All I ask of you is to just give me the truth. Nice or not. Tell me why you over stepped your bounds when they told you not to? Why were you so excited that you just couldn’t wait for me to finish? Why do you think you have the right to do that? Why did you block me on everything? Are you afraid of me? It wasn’t honorable by any means.

I’m just looking for closure dude, you already won. Just tell me the truth and I can leave NERV behind forever.

He replied:

here is the truth. end of story. 1) i dont hate you. i dislike your attitude towards authority that isnt our GM. 2) i NEVER plotted this since you rejoined nerv. in fact..i even ASKED you to come back. 3) everything ive done, i did for the betterment of the guild, never for a malicious reason. 4) i TRIED to resolve this drama that YOU started with your post peacefully so all parties could co-exist, and need iremind you, it was you who refused to join vent. 5) i kicked you to avoid any potential drama, nothing more. in the past, people have left and started shit, i made SURE i avoided it. i didnt know if you were, or werent. i wasnt taking that chance..

I want no more communication from you, this is done, over with, end of story. you now have your closure. leave it behind and move on

The whole thing is a lie. I’ll tell you one.

1.) You do. Your actions prove that. Oh, you mean Echo? Nap? Hmmmm no. They don’t think so. Wanna know why? Because they’re my friends. So that leaves you.

2.)You asked me to come back because Nap told you to. He was the one that asked me back, you were the mouth piece because you like to hear yourself talk.

3.) No, you think you ARE the guild. Everything you do benefits YOU! You’re just too narrow minded to admit that to yourself.

4.) Yeah, no. I posted about sexism but I wasn’t the one saying that people only get raped in prison. (Not Acandria, some other guy) but, I requested in the post for that dude to leave me alone and I’d leave him alone so there would BE NO DRAMA. Also, you know that. You read the post. Wanna know why I refused to get in vent? I stutter. I stutter bad when I’m upset. You’d exploit that. A girl has to protect herself.

5.) As I said, you know I requested for it to be drama free. I didn’t say a word to anyone when I left, not even my friends, because I didn’t want to start drama. You’re lying. Nothing more complicated than that.

So that’s it. I told Nap I wouldn’t reply and even though I SO want to I won’t Especially after what happened next! When it became clear I was considering coming back after Nap talked to him about it he invited the guy I hate the most in the game to try to get me to leave. Guess what? It didn’t work.

One thought on “Herp

  1. They don’t deserve you, and the wealth of talent you bring to the table. “Authority that isn’t GM”? I don’t get along with the self-anointed, either. You will thrive, Saoirse.

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