When I was small I used to run barefoot beneath the branches of big oak trees until I was winded. I would spin in circles laughing, loving and appreciating life in a way that only children can. I would lay beneath the branches and peer at the sky through the leaves. I would smell the heady sent of the land, feel the bones of the earth beneath me and felt that the -real- me, my essence would be thrown wide and I would be able to be a part of everything. I was happy then. I knew I was in exactly the spot I needed to be in. There was such a strong pull to be beneath those boughs that when I arrived I’d feel like I was sinking into a deep pool. Being enveloped by peace. Secure. Strong. Open. High. Free. Me.

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  1. This is a reflection of my own childhood- resting in the woods, and listening to the trill of a brook.

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