Equality in Neutrality.


Just because I’m not a member of a religion doesn’t mean I’m against it, or look down upon its believers. I’m not offended if you say grace, so don’t belittle my neutrality. I’m not offended when you talk about your spiritual beliefs, because no religion is wrong to me. Don’t insult me by thinking I’m like “you”.

I’m not offended by any winter holiday, they are all equal to me. In America they are largely commercialized anyway. Regardless of beliefs or materialism, it is a time for togetherness. Of love. You can do that with or without presents.

Just because I am white doesn’t mean I look down my nose at others. I don’t mistrust anyone from X “race” and everyone, in my mind, has an equal opportunity to be an asshole or a friend to me. Much of the world isn’t like me, and I’m aware of that feeling of equality in myself. What I feel and how the world treats people who don’t have my skin color aren’t the same thing. America isn’t as freedom loving as it pretends to be. Because of this I have a privilege, that shouldn’t be a privilege to anyone.

Just because I am for feminism doesn’t mean I hate men.
Feminism is about choice, not getting revenge on the XY people.
People who use it as a form of bullying aren’t real feminists, similar in the way that ISIS fucks aren’t real Muslims. Not that man haters are terrorists lol. They just do the opposite of what their beliefs and philosophy dictate.
Knowing that we are oppressed, and explaining how we are, doesn’t mean I hate them.


6 thoughts on “Equality in Neutrality.

  1. linnealien says:

    I’ve only recently been realizing the truth to the fact that racism (and similar -isms) is still thriving in the US today. I’m glad to have been exposed to the things that I have been, I’m glad to have been “educated” about it recently, I’m glad for some of the privileges that I have, but I am NOT glad that others do not get them, and I am not glad that so many people are so blind to the privileges and prejudices that they have.

  2. linnealien says:

    I’ve also been learning that as a whole, people want something to hate. If all skin were the same, we’d hate each other for their eye color. Or their personality types (beyond jerks vs nice people). I’ve been studying Jungian personality theory and joined a couple of forums and there are so many people ENFP (or other forum) who hate me simply because I’m ESTJ. I haven’t even said anything to them. And similarly, in ESTJ forum, they talk about how obnoxious INTJs are. It’s insanity! They really do just want someone to hate.

    • I’m sorry, but ENFP? ESTJ? What are those acronyms for? I’m not familiar with the Jungian personality theory. Could you tell me about it, please?

      • linnealien says:

        Sure! It mostly wasn’t important to my comment except to say they people will always find a way to segregate each other. But the idea behind Jungian (or Myers-Briggs) personality theory is that there are 16 primary personality types based on four categories of what a person uses most:
        Extraversion vs Introversion
        Sensing vs iNtuition (looking at the world based on what’s directly in front of you, or looking at the world based on things unseen)
        Thinking vs Feeling (making your decisions based on intellect or emotions)
        Judging vs Perceiving (this one is much trickier, but VERY basically, it’s whether you take quick action or prefer to wait for all possible information.)

        So I’m an ESTJ: Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging
        While my husband is an ENFP: Extraverted intuition Feeling Perceiving
        It’s a lot more complicated than that – especially when you get into “cognitive function stacking” – but that’s what each of the letters stand for. It also tends to look a lot different in real life than it does on paper. But yeah, that’s the basic springboard to dive into personality theory. I don’t take it very seriously (done people do. Those people tend to be REALLY messed up.), but I do think it’s interesting and fun.

  3. You are a wonderful individual human, and that’s all that matters. Peaceful days to you, Saoirse!

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