I don’t care what anyone says, she’s gorgeous. The media is so harsh on aging female actors. They try to tell us a woman has to look young forever (therefor she only has value if she is young and beautiful) or she has no business being in films! They focused more on her looks than her acting ability and that is objectification, which is extremely archaic for our age. It’s just sexist.

They cheapened her as an actor and as a human being. No one gives a shit if a widely considered attractive male actor gets old. I don’t see anyone saying that shit about Harrison Ford. Even if she wasn’t beautiful still it shouldn’t matter. She’s a fucking human being and she’s allowed to age, gracefully or not.

If she’s not allowed to age, then you’re not allowed to either, and we will use the same words to criticize you when you’re 59 years old.



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  1. What on Earth did people expect? Carrie looks fabulous.

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