Beneath Our Feet

Countless generations of humans have lived and died and even though many of us return to dust, there are many that leave their remains behind. Cultures come and go; societies rise and fall and landscape is continually changed by these people, and all the while they are dying and being laid to rest in some fashion.


Where once there was an American Civil War battlefield, there is now a Pizza Hut. (Not even joking, it really pisses me off. One shouldn’t be having a pizza party where x-amount of soldiers lost their lives)*

Where once a king was buried, there was -almost- a car-park and he would have been lost to us forever. (Richard III)


and so the list goes on…

It stands to reason that we are (probably) continually walking over x-amount of people who previously lived in the area without knowing it. Perhaps the parking lot of the 7/11 that got held up night before in [blank city] used to be a royal burial ground?

I don’t think this is macabre/creepy. It’s life and it’s what happens to us. I also find it incredibly interesting. There is so much more to learn about the people that came before us, and where and why they specifically chose hallowed ground and how its gone from sacred ground to modern housing or businesses.

I wish there was some massive, magical invention that would allow us to see the knowledge and magic under our feet.

**They have since torn down the Pizza Hut and have made efforts to preserve the battlefield.


4 thoughts on “Beneath Our Feet

  1. Indeed, so many have been caught up in the rush to profit. I read about the whole Pizza Hut fiasco, and am glad to see people are trying to do the right thing.

  2. buddy71 says:

    i think we as humans forget about such things and only focus on the “me” part and what amount of $$ “i” can make.
    nice to know the pizza hut was changed.
    what ever happened to respect??
    great post

  3. linnealien says:

    I’ve thought about this many times. That’s especially true when I’m walking; I’ll place each step and wonder what took place under my feet. It’s been interesting knowing some of that with our new 100+ year old house that we’re living in – we knew the previous owners who knew the owners before them. But even 100+ year old house is brand new compared to the span of existence – even if you go with a “young earth” notion. That’s still a blink. That’s still thousands of years of unknown history under my living space.

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