So…are people always this rude to others, or is it just the Internet? That people can show such hatred toward strangers, and usually just for the crime of disagreeing with them, simply astounds me. People go on the immediate attack and use the most excessive language possible in order to emotionally wound someone into submission…and usually because people have already done that to the attacker at some point and all this “therapeutic” hate continues. You know what that is? That is bullying, and everyone is doing it.


Do all people hate this much naturally? I usually just turn off chat in games now, and try to avoid reading stranger’s posts on Facebook, though obviously that’s not always possible. People are so abusive to each other it lessens my faith in humanity sometimes. Obviously there are amazing people out there but they are, again, obviously far and few between.

3 thoughts on “Meanies!!!

  1. buddy71 says:

    it seems some people feel that they can be more rude etc with the “safety” of the computer screen. it is never right

  2. linnealien says:

    It isn’t everyone, I promise. In fact, I don’t even think it’s most people. However, I do think that behind a screen does boost most people’s “confidence.” Maybe reduces their inhibitions. Enhances their nastiest selves. Hmm…maybe the internet is a cousin of booze!

  3. viefinale says:

    Its like the weirdness that takes over people once they get behind the wheel. Somehow that makes you more anonymous and therefore free to be a cruel and vulgar as you please. I think the internet provides the same advantage. Sometimes someone behaves very differently in person and you wouldn’t know at all. Makes us value the good ones even more, I guess?

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