A message to my fellow gamer girls

Been reading a lot of Facebook posts lately about how bullied some gamer girls feel by their male counterparts. It usually sparks a lively *debate* but fuck you.
Dear fellow gamer girl,
There are comments and actions people will throw at you as you walk down this path of gamers. Undoubtedly, and because you are a woman, you will face the following:
•Ridicule (hah, you can’t do that as well as a man, bitch)
•Objectification (I could fuck that. Only thing they’re good for because they suck. Giggity.)
•Begrudgingly accepted (God fucking damn it you can have a turn, fine! *Arm twisting*)
•Finally, true acceptance (Think something for so long it’s true, and it’s considered no more strange than a woman having a job or driving. It’s expected.)
Sometimes that can take decades, but so has everything else we’ve overcome.
It sucks, but that’s the way it is. It will get better though, you have to believe that it will and stick it out. Just like everything else in life.
Honey, if you run into these things, keep your head high and block their asses; or just get a higher score than them and laugh as they cry because they were proven wrong in front of everyone.
“Sorry son, you’ve been outdone!”
Both work equally well.
What they say about you doesn’t define you as a gamer, your level of skill or what is appropriate. You’re allowed to like or dislike whatever games or consoles you want. Whatever they say doesn’t matter, even if it hurts, because it’s not all gamer guys. Even if it feels like “all men” sometimes, it’s important to remember that it’s those specific assholes. Getting your feelings hurt is a natural reaction, and it doesn’t make you weak. Keep going.
There are going to be a lot of worthless scumbags out there, but there are also good ones too. Probably more so, and I hope you encounter them. Some of the best men I’ve ever known I first met in WoW. Don’t worry about the haters, those sexist assholes are just repeating the venom that someone else has said to them and re-boxed it in a sexist package to try to and poison you because they let comments like those hurt them. That’s all bullying is, repackaged pain.
This is the path you have chosen to walk. You must see it through until some asshole tells you your princess is in another castle, then you must continue on.
Happy questing.
It’s dangerous to go alone, take this: My ❤

One thought on “A message to my fellow gamer girls

  1. Only insecure males, boys and men alike, have to play the sex card, when a woman “encroaches” on “their turf”. I’ve seen the same thing happen with women who surf. They fight back- with searing humour.

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