Dear Friend Zoned People


If I had a quarter for how many times guy friends did this to me I’d have at least $3.00. Not that I’m super hot and awesome, I’ve just been alive for 29 years. At least it’s been five years since the last friend zoned abandonment.

Maybe it’s because I have a fiancee now and I’m clearly off the table forever. They also probably won’t want my extensive vocabulary to make them feel guilty for being a shithead. (Not bragging, I just read a lot and look up the words I don’t know so I actually KNOW them from now on.)

Don’t be made to feel like you’re a shitty friend just because you are not interested in fucking them or having a romantic relationship with them. Hey fuck-faces (speaking to both men AND women), if you can’t be friends with them after the fact YOU are the shitty friend, NOT the ones who’s feelings you don’t care about. FYI that probably means you’d be a shitty lover anyway, and totally selfish when it comes to sex.

If you guys/girls have ever done this, then you need to rethink your personality and maturity.


One thought on “Dear Friend Zoned People

  1. My friendships have never been based solely on sex. The world of ideas, and common ground, is far more satisfying.

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